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Are you attempting to manage or heal stomach ulcers? We can help. There are meals to run away from if you want to help yourself feel better. Stomach ulcers are curable if proper attention is paid to it. If you did not know, medical help, lifestyle management, and knowing the type of food to help keep your cancer in check can make your journey to recovery easier. Foods stomach ulcer:

1. Spicy seasonings/foods: Spicy meals can affect the lining of the stomach and the sore area negatively. If you are not aware, spicy foods are popular for making ulcer symptoms worse in some cases.

2. Coffee: The truth is that coffee does not cause cancer, but it irritates it. The caffeine it comes with actually erodes the already sore area and make things worse for the patient. So if the aim is to heal the ulcer, avoid coffee completely or reduce its intake to the barest minimum.

3. Alcohol: An ulcer patient should stay away from alcohol/alcohol beverages. Drinking alcohol boost your stomach’s acid level and this makes ulcer worse and healing very difficult.

4. Red Meat: Ulcer patients should avoid any relationship with red meat. This meat takes too much time to digest and it makes the acid level in your stomach rise, thereby irritating the area and worsening the symptoms. You should replace this meat with chicken, turkey e.t.c, and you will be fine.

5. Refined Foods: Pasta, white bread sugar, and more processed meals are not advisable for ulcer patients as well. Replace them with leafy greens, vegetables and antioxidants loaded fruits with lots of water.


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