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A lot of people who have oily skin focus more on what is applied on the skin, but it is way beyond that. Most times, despite following your skincare routine completely, you still find excess oil on your skin and wonder why. The answer is simple, you must also concentrate on what goes into your body for the best results. See Foods to add in your diet to maintain your oily skin:

1. Nuts: It is filled with omega-3-fatty acids that aid the regulation of the oil produced by the skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties also enhance your skin’s texture. However, you do not want to overdo it, one per day is just fine.

2. Cucumber: It is home to 96% of water, which instantly keeps the skin hydrated once it goes into your body. It also possesses anti-oxidant contents and anti-inflammatory properties that aid the prevention of acne. On top of that, its cooling effect helps to hydrate your skin.

3. Lemon juice: It is great for the eradication of toxins from the body, aiding clear and soft skin. With its vitamin C, your skin comes alive and will age slower. Consuming it regularly will control oil production and get rid of other skin problems.

4. Banana: With its high vitamin D and potassium content, this fruit is a brilliant detoxifier. Eating a minimum of 1 on a daily basis will help to prevent dirt from penetrating your skin. It improves your skin health.

5. Green vegetables: Amazing vegetables such as spinach, broccoli aid the regulation of oil production because they do not contain any oil. Broccoli is filled with vitamin C that cures acne as well. The nutrients vegetable provides also prevent blocked pores which lets your skin breathe smoothly.


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