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Lent is back and here are some foods you need to avoid if you are observing the fast. If you are not aware, nutritionists have warned everyone to stay away from some meals during this period and it is best to comply if you want to remain healthy.

1. Alcohol: As you already know, lent is a sacred time, so it is only reasonable to stay away from alcohol. Alcoholic drinks are also filled with calories that must be avoided during fasting.

2. Caffeine: During lent, quality sleep is needed and taking drinks that contain caffeine will only aid sleep deprivation. If you did not know, Coffee is a stimulant that disrupts your sleep when you drink it excessively. Expect withdrawal symptoms such as a headache when coffee is consumed regularly during lent.

3. Desserts: Sweet tooth is not advisable during lent. Make sure you stay away from desserts like cake, ice cream, pies, cookies, as much as possible. Fruits should be your best friend during the lent period.


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