Every lady considers her wedding day as a special moment in her life. There are however certain things that can mar the special day; something like a food fight. Maybe what you noticed was not necessarily a food fight but rather, shortage of food that left people with no choice but to grumble because they didn’t enjoy the moment. Whatever be the case, you want to avoid any sort of embarrassment huh?
These are some suggestions I think can help you avoid a food fight on your wedding day.

1. Avoid takeaways

Weddings are occasions most Ghanaian ladies don’t joke with. And it is very natural to refresh your guests after they spend hours of their day wishing the best for you on your wedding day. If you mostly attend weddings, arguably though but I bet you can’t differ from this point. Let’s see it this way; imagine you decide to hold a wedding reception, you will most definitely receive requests from one or two people who will like to take their food away. Because of your level of relationship with them, can you actually turn them down?
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That actually is a first step of getting other people to do same. And what will happen when you can’t please them in that regard? People might not directly fight over the food but the way and manner it is being shared. So I will say in order to avoid any kind of fight, then avoid fulfilling requests for takeaways at your sit-down reception. Either ways, decide to stick to just one; a take-away solely refreshment or a proper reception where your guests can relax and enjoy their refreshment.

2. Consider a cocktail reception

Cocktail receptions mostly are void of full meals. Snacks are also served, guests rarely sit down, and they normally have small bites to grab as and when they want to. Frankly I do not know why people will argue over the finger foods being served at your wedding cocktail reception. If they do, that’s their issue and your budget. But there is a possibility of anything happening so you don’t have to lose guard.
If you are the type that have a lot of the people who tend to “get so familiar at receptions” around you, then there is absolutely no possibility of you having a peaceful wedding reception. Therefore I suggest you consider a cocktail reception where everyone can have a bite of the small chops and depart fulfilled.
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3. Make provision for extra food

If you plan your wedding well, you can avoid some unexpected occurences. Whatever option you opt for, make extra provision for food. Unexpected guests and even family members or ‘see-and-tell’ friends can add up to the numbers, so don’t plan for refreshments unprepared. If you extend an invitation to 100 guests, make provision for at least 150 people. In that regard, you can wisely avoid grumbles that might come with people not having to enjoy any refreshment at your wedding. However, if you are very sure the exact number of invited guests will show up, then you can stake your chances of planning just for them.


4. Outsource catering services

The average Ghanaian most especially is concerned about the amount of money spent on anything. If money is to be released for anything worthwhile, then they need to get a value for their money. Family can sometimes cause a lot of trouble for you on your wedding day not because they don’t wish you well, but because they might want more of the wedding ‘goodies’ contrary to what might have been budgeted for them. I stand to be corrected, but because of familiarity between family members that volunteer to help share the food and those that will fall in the ‘guests’ category, the latter can make extra demands that can lead to food shortage.
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When the servers prove to be hardcore, some dissatisfied family members can make a scene; mostly inciting others to grumble as well. Other times, since marriage brings together two families, either families of the couple might wonder why one family is best attended to. And your guess is as good as mine on what might happen. That is why I suggest you outsource the catering services where family members can’t take advantage of familiarities to demand more.

5. Put most reliable people in charge of activities

It is your day and you have to insist on how you want things to be done. Of course give people the chance to suggest on things since your opinion won’t always be right. And because you can’t have oversight of everything, you need people you can trust. Therefore, put only the reliable people in charge of activities. Make them your second eye, those that can ensure that anything like a food fight is prevented.

6. Make the provision for a lot of servers

Proper planning can solve a lot of issues. Typically, at average Ghanaian weddings with a buffet setting, most people complain that only one side of the wedding team is given top-most priority and that might be because of the limited number of persons attending to them. This could resort into a food fight. If you have lots of helping hands around, use them for this purpose. For instance, if you have ten set of tables with 10 guests on each of them, that means you will have hundred guests and even more to serve. So if your helpers are up to ten, assign one helper to a table to serve.
Since people might basically queue for food during buffets, your helpers can best be efficient in that regard. To accelerate things, each helper can be charged to serve drinks to the guests on their assigned table fabric runners so things can be done simultaneously.
These are 6 common ways I think you can avoid a food fight on your wedding day.
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