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Homechow app, the food delivery service that is based in Accra, is planning to expand its operations to Kumasi, the second-largest city in the country.

According to Tech Nova, the Accra-based food delivery service is now preparing to make the announcement on its expansion to Kumasi.

Homechow is not just some restaurant, they are also something like a middleman that gets your food delivered to you from restaurants. “We are not the kind of app where you can pick from any kind of restaurant. We want to regulate the whole process and maintain the quality across the board so we raised money to build a restaurant, so we can take charge of everything,” as the Founder and CEO said when the platform was first launched.

Thus, with the expansion, restaurants in the city of Kumasi will be able to quickly deliver ordered food (and other logistics) to their new and current customer base using the Homechow platform.

For people who are already using the Homechow app that frequently move between Accra and Kumasi, the expansion is going to you a bigger menu options. You are now going to have new restaurants you are yet to try on the Homechow platform.

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As said earlier, the Homechow platform serves as the link for the number of restaurants on the platform and their patrons. The food that are ordered via the Homechow app are delivered right at the customer’s doorstep.

So you can run through the various restaurants available in your location on the Homechow, place an order, and it will be quickly dispatched right to your doorstep.

Currently, the Homechow platform allows mobile money and cash as its methods of payment. You can get the app available for free for both Android and iOS on their respective mobile app markets.

About the Homechow food app

Homechow Food App came into the market in 2018 and has become known by many of its customers to be delivering meals, in innovative packaging. These operations have been fuelled by noble use of technology and a delivery coverage of over 35 locations.

The platform seeks to ensure that users get access to decent meals at affordable prices. When a user orders food via the app, the user is shown which vendors are closest and how long the delivery would take to them (i.e. the user).

Also, users can reschedule delivery of their meals until a time more appropriate and suitable. Vendors who join the Homechow platform can place orders in bulk, view hotspots for sales and even see their earnings.

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