African payments technology company, Flutterwave, has launched Flutterwave Store, an online eCommerce solution for African merchants to create digital shops to sell online.
The Flutterwave Store is an easy way to launch and manage an e-commerce business that accepts payments from anywhere in the world without creating a website, knowing how to code, etc. The portal allows you to upload products, set prices and have integrated delivery partners pick up when you have an order and deliver to your customer. “Buy Online, Pickup Curbside” store if you like.

How Flutterwave Store Works

To set up a Flutterwave Store, users will need to register for a Flutterwave account if they’re not already registered.  When they log in, they select “Store” from their online dashboard menu. On the Store page, they click ‘Setup my store’ that’s displayed.
They can then enter their store name, enter their store description and their online URL if necessary. Once completed, a store is generated and displayed on their dashboard.
Users can click on “Add Product” to set listing their items on their Flutterwave store. They can add product details, and add a picture of the product they’re selling. After they finish listing their products, they can share their Flutterwave store with their customers online through email, Twitter, Instagram or WhatsApp.
Flutterwave accelerated the development of Flutterwave Store in response to COVID-19, which has brought restrictive measures to SMEs and traders operating in Africa. In 2019, Flutterwave processed 107 million transactions worth $5.4 billion, according to company data. The company also joined forces with Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba’s Alipay to offer digital payments between Africa and China.
Users can get started with setting up the Flutterwave store by going and registering online.
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