Effective way to fix a slow Android phone

Imagine having your phone as your last resort; you need to send a very important message, make a life saving call, send an email or alternatively, that assignment to meet your deadline. But your phone responds like the movement of a snail. What do you do?

A slow Android phone can be due to many factors. Having plenty of apps residing in your device or using the phone for long hours (building a lot of cache on), can be part of those factors.

This piece will show you a couple of ways you can use to troubleshoot and fix your slow Android phone.

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How to fix slow Android phone

Cache clearing

When you use a smartphone or computer for long hours, it build lots of caches that makes it run slower than usual.

A cache is a small amount of data that is saved in your Android phone’s memory every time you use an app. This data lets you continue from where you left the app as opposed to completely re-launching it.

clearing cache on slow Android phone

On Android phones, caches can be cleared for individual apps. Since Android has lots of different UIs, the steps to clearing cache are always different from each other. The general format is to:

  1. Open your Settings app
  2. Go to Apps, and hit on the app whose cache you want to clear.
  3. Look for the “Clear cache” button and hit it.

Your slow Android phone should run a little faster than it was.

Restart phone

This method though doesn’t happen very fast can be a life saver, especially when the phone has been actively in use for long hours. Restarting your phone will clear temporal caches from it.

Uninstall unused apps

There are myriad of apps on Play store or App store that are very enticing to download. Sometimes, we download 3 or 4 games at a time, try out one or two, then forget about the rest.

These forgotten apps though redundant, usually use your phone’s resources and this can slow down your device. The solution to this is just to uninstall the apps you’re not using and be free!

Reset phone

If the above-listed methods do not work, I guess, you’ have to resort to a more severe option. This option will clear all your apps and their data from the phone. It will return the phone to its factory state. This method requires going carefully by the steps. Read our carefully crafted method for factory resetting your slow Android phone.

factory reset slow Android phone

These are proven methods used to correct slow Android phones. If your device is still slow after trying all these methods, try replacing your device. That should be your best bet.


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