Are you an Infinix Hot 7 user who constantly battles with microphone issues when you make or receive calls? This tutorial can help. See how to fix microphone issues on your Infinix phone:
1. Confirm the state of the microphone: Before anything else, you need to confirm the state of the mic in question. If there is dirt around the microphone, then you can expect faults when you use it. The solution here is to clean it properly to get rid of the distortions.
2. Power on and off your Infinix phone: It is an uncomplicated process and it works effectively. Most times, restarting your Infinix and re-testing the mic can fix the issues.
3. Confirm if no device conflicts with the mic: Sometimes, certain peripherals can actually come in contact with your mic to make it less effective. It can happen when users connect a speaker or a headset through Bluetooth or with a plugged Jack or a USB cable. Just try to disconnect everything to see if it changes anything.

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4. Apps: An application can also cause mic issues on your Infinix device. Recall if the problem started immediately after installing an app and act on it. If the issue is linked to an app, just start the Infinix in Safe Mode to see if the problem is fixed.
5. Clear your phone cache: If you are not aware, your phone cache can also be the culprit. Clearing it and re-testing the mic could be the solution you need.
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