DSTV is the ultimate source of unlimited quality entertainment in many homes across the world. With many channels to choose from, there is always something super entertaining to watch on DSTV.
Imagine your curiosity to catch the next episode of your favourite TV series or your excitement to watch that match on Supersports, only to be hindered by an error. At times, it could be very frustrating. These errors are common errors encountered by numerous DSTV subscribers around the world.
Sometimes, calling a technician or reporting it to the service centre for support may seem like a long process. That is why you need to take note of these standard DSTV error codes and how you can fix them as quickly as possible.
To help you do this, here is a list of some common DSTV error codes and the procedure to follow if you want to fix them.

DSTV Error code: E16 (Service is currently scrambled)

This error is mostly caused by a temporary suspension of transmission to your Smartcard.
To fix this, check your mail messages. Press on the Menu button and press 4, to see if there is a notification that says you owe any payment. If you do owe, just make the payment so your service can be restored. However, if you don’t owe, you can reset the error with the error code fix button on the DSTV’s official website, DSTV Africa. You can also use the shortcode, *668#.

DSTV error code: E30 (checking the subscription status)

This error occurs when your smartcard is unable to connect to the satellite transmission to verify your subscription status.
To fix this, ensure that all cables from the satellite dish are securely connected to the correct inputs on the back of your decoder. Then switch off the power to your decoder and wait for 10 seconds at least, before switching it back on for the decoder to reboot. You can also use the shortcode, *668#.

DSTV error code: E32 (Your Smartcard is not switched on or activated, or the channel that you are trying to view may not be part of your package.)

Just as the error description says, this occurs when your smartcard is not activated or switched on. When the channel you are trying to watch is not part of your package, this error also occurs.
To fix this, if you are sure the channel you are trying to view is part of your package, just use the error fix on DSTV Africa’s website to reset it. You can also use the shortcode, *668#, just make sure you do not change the channel throughout the fixing process. This ensures your decoder receives the needed update.

DSTV Error code E18 (Unknown Smartcard)

This error indicates a scramble or a stop to access the service. Your Smartcard mostly causes this — when you insert it wrongly, when it’s dusty or when you are inserting the wrong Smartcard. Besides, when your decoder is disconnected from your satellite for a long time, you may encounter this error. Sometimes this is a technical problem from DSTV.
To fix this, ensure all cables are connected correctly and wait for 15 minutes before rebooting the decoder. If the problem has to do with the Smartcard, ensure it is clean and correctly reinserted before the rebooting. You can also use the shortcode, *668#.

DSTV Error code E143-4 (waiting for communication from primary decoder)

This is an error peculiar to those using two or more decoders. It’s a hardware problem, so it’s quite technical. To fix this, just remove the Xtraview or RF cable from your decoder and check if the heartbeat cable is connected well. Switch off power plug to the decoder and wait for 15 minutes before reconnecting. You can also use the shortcode, *668#.

DSTV Error code E04 (Please insert smartcard)

This occurs when you do not insert your Smartcard or when it is wrongly inserted.
To fix this, turn off the decoder, remove the Smartcard, and clean it. Reinsert the Smartcard properly and then reboot the decoder. You can also use the shortcode, *668#.


DSTV Error code E17 (Smartcard marriage conflict)

This is another Smartcard induced problem; it is the same as error code E18. Therefore, you only have to be sure the Smartcard is correctly inserted. Log into your account and reset your decoder. You can also use the shortcode, *668#.

DSTV Error code E14 (Service is currently scrambled)

This error suspends your transmission mostly because you owe payment of service. So make sure you do not actually owe for the service you are trying to access.
To fix this, switch to other channels and go back to that channel and reboot the decoder if the error still appears. You can also use the DSTV self-service if the error persists or the shortcode, *668#.

DStv error code e48-32 (Signal problem)

This is a problem with the signal. If the weather is bad, this error may occur, so you only need to wait for the weather to get better. However, when no signal persists for an extended period, then you should get a technician to work on it. You can also use the shortcode, *668#.

DSTV error code E162-0

When the channel you are trying to view is not in your area, this error occurs. It may also mean you do not have permission to view that channel, or your account was suspended due to nonpayment. You can also use the shortcode, *668#.

How to fix persisting DSTV error codes

It is also good to note that there are errors that would not disappear even if you apply the error fixing methods above. These errors may be too technical and would need some support to get them fixed. That is why Multichoice has made available the options below so you can fall back on to fix those errors.

Use the DStv Self Service

The DSTV self-service is probably the easiest method to fix any error on your DSTV. All you need is access to the internet. Visit DSTV’s website, DSTV Africa. Register your account with your DSTV Smartcard if you have not yet done so. Then, you can use the DSTV self-service portal to fix the error right on the website.

Contact customer care

This option is the last resort in any situation. When all other efforts to fix your error fails, you can always contact a customer care representative to get it fixed for you. They can be reached via their social media handles, or you can call them if you know the phone number of the closest service centre. The office upon hearing your complaint would probably send over a technician to have it fixed for you.
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