The lent period is a holy period for Christians that will last for forty days and end just before Easter. This fasting period is also a time to stay fit and maintain a healthy diet and eating habit. Below are some tips to take seriously during lent to stay fit:

1. Drink water regularly: Do not let the fasting affect your workout routine. You need to be well hydrated to avoid health problems like dizziness and migraines. And if you cannot do without exercising, one important way to remain hydrated is to plan your work out time towards when you will break your fast because of the amount of water you might lose via perspiration.

2. Eat healthy: Because you will be very hungry when it is time to break your fast does not mean you should consume everything that is available. A healthy bowl of vegetables and lots of fresh fruits will help to restore water to the body. Good fruits to consider are grapes and watermelon. You should consume a lot of eggs as well because they are filled with a high amount of protein.

3. A support group: The fasting period is meant to serve a purpose. To ensure you do not lose track of that purpose and be certain that you are healthy at the same time, you need a tribe or a group of friends that will help you remain committed to your fasting goal.


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