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Gone are the days when the energy sector was dominated by a few companies. Nowadays there are multiple companies that specialize in providing electricity to residential homes, business premises and institutions. Despite stiff competition among these companies, many homeowners still continue to get services that are not satisfactory. There are some homeowners that complain that their utility company takes ages to respond to their inquiries while others get billed with utilities that have hidden charges. These are just but a few of the problems that are faced by most homeowners, especially those that have never owned a property before. The fact that there are many companies offering the same service makes it even more difficult to find the best energy provider. Here is a list of things that you should consider when looking for a reliable energy company.

1. Check Online Reviews

Online reviews are very useful when you want to dig into the reputation of a utility company. For a start, they give you an opportunity to know more about electricity ratings of a particular company that you might be interested in. Besides that, you also get to know what their existing and previous clients have to say about them. Fortunately, most energy consumers use the platform that is provided by online reviews to explain why they switched to a different company. Having such firsthand information helps you in knowing what to expect when you select such a company that has many complaints. In fact, you should narrow down to the company with the highest number of positive reviews that are published on an authoritative website. Authoritative reviews are actually the best because they don’t manipulate customer reviews.

2. Customer Service

Electricity is a very sensitive issue. Since blackouts and other technical problems are inevitable, it’s advisable you choose a company that is able to respond swiftly to your concerns. This is because some of the problems that involve electricity are sometimes hazardous. You, therefore, want a company that can be reached via the phone, live chat or email. Before signing on the dotted line, you should try making a fake inquiry and use the time they take to respond to judge the quality of their customer service. You should also try chatting with their support crew during odd hours just to see whether the company works round the clock.

3. Variety of Products

By the rule of thumb, your choice of an energy company should be guided by the variety of their products. This means that you should first find out about the range of products that can be obtained from the company that you intend to switch to. Switching to a company that has a limited number of products is actually a waste of time because you will still need to continue with the search until you find one that is able to meet all your needs.

4. Affordability of Rates

The rates vary from one company to another. Regardless of that, you should compare the tariffs that are offered by various companies and settle for the one that charges a rate that’s pocket-friendly. The worst mistake you can make is to settle for a company that charges a rate that’s beyond your means. In fact, the rates are determined by whether the company provides renewable energy or nonrenewable (green energy) energy. Green energy is a bit costly than non-renewable energy. This is due to the fact that, it doesn’t result in the exploitation of natural resources and doesn’t produce greenhouse gas. You can also use simplyswitch.com compare energy prices to enable you save more.

5. Integrity and Convenience

There are some energy companies that are not transparent in their operations. Such companies end up charging customers for customers not indicated in the contract. Some also claim that they supply green energy while in reality, they deliver energy that can’t be renewed. You should, therefore, select a company that gives you a breakdown of their charges so that you can know how your utility bill is calculated. You should also opt for a company that allows you to keep tabs on your power consumption using the internet. Such a feature is very convenient because you can tell when to top up your tariff and avoid being caught pants down by sudden power outages.

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