Kaspersky recently came out to warn that breaches in digital trust all across the globe have become an opportunity for cybercriminals to unleash all kinds of fraud in the financial sector. The cybersecurity firm, in a recent report on financial cyberthreats last year, revealed that financial phishing is currently a rampant way for criminals to make cash since the investment needed is low.
According to Kaspersky, as soon as the criminals receive the victim’s credentials, they can be used to steal cash or sold. The firm added that even if the financial industry did not experience any major case last year, the stats proved that specific categories of users and businesses are still being targetted by these internet criminals.

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The report read, “In 2019, the overall number of phishing detections stood at 467,188,119; 51.4 percent of those were finance-related attacks. That is the second-highest share ever registered by Kaspersky; the highest proportion of financial phishing was 53.8 percent in 2017.”
“One percent of users attacked with banking malware were corporate users – an increase from 24.1 percent in 2018. Users in Russia, Germany and China were attacked most frequently by banking malware. Just four banking malware (ZBot, RTM, Emotet and CliptoShuffler) families accounted for attacks on the vast majority of users (around 87 per cent).”
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