For many friends who love to learn, online recording courses are common in daily work and life. For example, recording operation demonstration tutorials, recording webcast live classes, recording micro-class video tutorials, etc. And if you want to record the online tutorial mentioned above, you need to find a useful and suitable screen recording software.
So next, I will share the method of filming and recording online courses for everyone. Let’s take a look at the tool RecordCast Screen Recorder first.

RecordCast record screen, webcam, and audio without installation

RecordCast is a fantastic web application that if someone told us that it exists, we certainly would not believe it.
RecordCast allows us to record our screen without downloading any files, without any installation. The users can choose whether to record an application window or the entire screen or using a webcam, the sound of our computer, and a microphone. Thus, RecordCast is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to quickly create drivers, record a lesson or even explain an application’s operation to a friend.
The pleasures do not stop here. After completing the recording, we are transferred to a fairly easy to use video editor where we can edit our video. Editing can be a short cut, up to add an audio file or text and graphics to the video itself. This is a rapid and easy way to have a satisfactory result in our final video.
Finally, we can export our video after you are satisfied with all the details. Small bad, for a 100% free service. May it remain so!

How to film and record your online courses

You already know RecordCast. Now it’s time to get down to work! From my experience, I think these are the steps that you will have to go through when you start recording if you’ve never used it before.

Step 1: Launch the website

RecordCast’s website works quickly. Just open the website and enter the tool by clicking on the button “Start Recording”. It’s up to you to register an account or not when you use this screen recorder.

Step 2: Settings for the recording

Then, you need to make some settings before recording. Let’s choose a recording mode first. RecordCast offers three recording modes: Screen + Webcam, Screen Only, Webcam only. Choose one to continue your recording.
film and record your online courses for free
After that, it’s time to choose an audio recording option from the preset options: Microphone + System audio, Microphone, System audio, or no audio. To make your online courses more vivid and understandable, use your microphone. Don’t forget to check the “Share Audio” box to record your system audio if you want.
Then choose the browser tab, an application window, or just the entire screen to start recording your courses. Then the recording is undergoing.

Step 3: Download and edit

After recording, you have the option to download it to your computer. Alternatively, you can edit it and export it in MP4 format then.
film and record your online courses for free
You are able to add an intro or outro to your course video with RecordCast’s video editor. Besides, you can add text, elements, overlays, transitions, etc., to your video. It’s also flexible to split, crop, zoom in / out to make better editing. There are more than a million elements under RecordCast’s database for you to search.

Record your online courses now

If you’re looking to record your online courses, RecordCast is an amazing option. This web tool makes it easy to obtain screencasts, record your online courses, streams, and much more. You already have enough information to film and record your online courses as a Pro. Why not start recording your first online course now?
If you have any questions or suggestions when you start recording your videos, leave the comments. I will help you make your first course videos.
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