Picking a great production company is a daunting task. With a host of production companies in Dubai, picking the best requires doing your homework. Keep in mind that production companies work for various niches and have experience with various clients. The rule of thumb is to work with a production company that will prioritize your project and not have hidden costs.

Here are features to tell a great production company

Relevant experience

Production companies do various videos including promotional, explainer, and interview. Before working with a company, ensure to check whether they have experience handling a project like yours. The company that understands the style and kind of video you want is best suited to handle your project. You have peace of mind that the team knows your requirements and will deliver to your expectations.
You can ask for showreels to understand the work the production company has handled. Alternatively, you can ask for full videos to watch and get a feel of how the company does its work. This allows getting to know whether the videos clearly communicate the message, and are engaging and enjoyable to watch or not.

Familiarity with your niche

Apart from having a portfolio, familiarity with your niche is very important. When searching for Dubai’s top production company, look for one that has handled clients in your industry. This ensures that the company has vast experience in your industry to handle the project. Working with such a company will give you peace of mind that the terms used are easy for the viewers to understand.

Give a project timeline

Before beginning your project, the ideal production company should give an estimated timeline. This allows you to figure out whether the company will deliver before the project deadline or not. Having an expected turnaround time is very important. Equally important is working with a production company that guarantees to deliver when you expect. This gives peace of mind and allows strategic planning of your activities.

Scope of Work

During the contractual phase of the project, the right production company has to give you a scope of work document. This ensures that you are on the same page with the company regarding deliverables, project briefs, and milestones. Professional production companies don’t wait for clients to ask for a scope of work. Giving this out shows transparency in the company operations and gives you a chance to keep abreast with the progress of your project.

Receptive to ideas

Professional and experienced production companies acknowledge that clients can adjust their needs midway through the project. So, the ideal company to work with should be flexible enough to allow the client to bring new ideas. This is very important in ensuring that you are happy with the outcomes of the project.
Professional production companies are highly receptive to new ideas and are creative enough to incorporate them into the project. This is an important virtue since you know your clients better and working together with the production team guarantees better results.

No subcontracting

Some production companies don’t have the right team to handle clients’ projects. However, the market and outsource the work to freelancers who might do subpar work. However, reputable production companies have in-house experts in your industry and long-standing relationships with relevant tradesmen. Working with such a company gives peace of mind that your project is not going to be subcontracted.

Number of revisions

Production companies do their best to handle clients; projects. However, there’s a chance of missing out on something somewhere. So, the right company should willingly accept to make amends until you’re satisfied. Before hiring a production company, ask how many revisions they offer for a project.
The ideal company should offer a first draft to consolidate your ideas, and a second one considering feedback. Lastly, the third revision ensures that the client is happy with the quality of the work. Working with such a company ensures that you’re proud of the work they have done since you were part of it as well.

Possession of testimonials

Check testimonials from their past clients when shortlisting potential production companies to handle your project. People who are satisfied with the service from a particular company don’t hesitate to give it thumbs up. Equally important is to ask your family and friends whether they have ever worked with a particular company.
You should also ask about their repeat clients. A large number of repeat clients mean that the company is doing good work. Due diligence is very important before putting pen to paper to ensure that you get what you pay for.

Wrapping Up

Research is very important when hiring a production company for your video or photo needs. Don’t resist the urge to ask questions where you need clarification. This is a moment to select the right company that will give you good value for your money.
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