iOS 15, Apple’s most recent software update which is currently available for all Apple devices, adds plenty of new features to the iPhone and iPad.

For those who have been able to update their iOS to iOS 15.2, you would notice a few changes. However, if you have not yet done your research and upgrade, you are likely missing many of the current advancements because they are right beneath our noses.

This post will bring you up to speed on the latest and greatest tips and techniques that come with them.

features of iOS15



Focus is a new capability in iOS 15 that helps users decrease distraction.

A Focus can filter alerts and Home Screen pages based on the user’s current focus while allowing critical notifications to get through.

When a user’s Focus is set to prevent incoming alerts, their Messages status is modified to reflect that they are not available until an emergency arises.

iOS will offer Focus to users based on device intelligence, which will identify which individuals and applications should be notified at specific times. Users’ settings, such as work hours, personal time, or getting ready for bed, influences focus recommendations.

Users can also customize a Focus to just show particular alerts and Home Screen pages, choose which notifications and applications are permitted to interrupt them, and set up auto-replies for Messages during a Focus.


Spotlight can now search for photographs by location, people, sceneries, or objects, and it can even detect text and handwriting in photos using the new Live Text feature.

Spotlight also allows you to search the web for images of actors, singers, TV shows, and movies, revealing a lot more information about them. Recent chats, shared photographs, and location if it’s shared via Find My are all displayed on contact cards with better results.

Spotlight may now be accessible from the Lock Screen, which allows you to quickly install apps from the App Store without leaving Spotlight. For companies that support App Clips, there is an action button on the Maps results in Spotlight.


Voices in a FaceTime video chat sound as if they’re coming from where the individual is on the screen thanks to Spatial Audio. There are also new microphone modes that can separate a user’s speech from background noise or create background noise in Wide Spectrum mode.

For video discussions, FaceTime now offers Portrait mode, which allows users to block out their backdrop and put themselves in focus, as well as mute notifications, which make it easier to hear when on mute.

A new grid layout for group FaceTime talks allows users to see more faces at once, as well as an optical zoom option for the rear camera.

FaceTime Links

Users using iOS 15 may now share a link to a FaceTime call via Messages, Calendar, Mail, or third-party apps.

FaceTime links may be opened in the FaceTime software for Apple devices, but they can also be opened in a web browser, making FaceTime available for the first time on Android and Windows. To ensure privacy, FaceTime calls on the web are encrypted end-to-end.


SharePlay is a new tool that allows users to exchange media such as Apple Music music, TV episodes, and movies during FaceTime sessions.

Everyone in a SharePlay session may play, pause, skip and contribute to a shared queue. There are shared playback controls so anybody in the session can play, pause, or skip material. In a FaceTime chat, participants may now share their displays to watch apps together via SharePlay.

Disney+, ESPN+, HBO Max, Hulu, MasterClass, Paramount+, Pluto TV, TikTok, Twitch, and other third-party applications have pledged to integrate SharePlay. SharePlay works with the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV, allowing users to connect through FaceTime while watching shows or movies on a larger screen.

Even when shared material is playing loudly, smart volume management dynamically and automatically adjusts audio so you can hear your friends. In-app Messages controls are also available in SharePlay.


In iOS 15, the Wallet app now accepts more sorts of keys, including key cards for the home, business, corporate, or hotel accommodation.

The Wallet app is now adding support for vehicle keys, with Ultra-Wideband now allowing you to open, lock, and start your car without taking your iPhone out of your pocket. Because Ultra-Wideband provides exact spatial awareness, iOS will prevent you from locking your car while your iPhone is inside or starting your car while your iPhone is outside.

Remote keyless entry controls are now available in Wallet, enabling you to lock or unlock your car, blow your horn, pre-heat your car, or open your trunk.

Expired travel documents and event tickets will now be automatically archived in the Wallet app. Instead of needing to manually add one pass at a time, Safari now allows you to add multiple passes to Wallet in one step.


Safari has an entirely new look with iOS 15. Controls have been moved to the bottom of the screen to make them more accessible with one hand.

A new, compact tab bar floats at the bottom of the screen and incorporates a Smart Search box, allowing users to simply swipe between tabs. Users may keep their tabs in a folder and sync them across their iPhone, iPad, and Mac with Tab Groups. In addition, a new tab overview grid view has been included.

New privacy protections in Safari in iOS 15 include Intelligent Tracking Prevention, which prevents trackers from profiling you based on your IP address, and Safari will automatically upgrade sites that support HTTPS from insecure HTTP.

Find My

The Find My app now includes additional features to assist in the recovery of a lost device that was switched off or wiped via the Find My network. A family member or friend who chooses to share their location with you will now be able to offer you a sense of direction and speed by continually live-streaming their position.

Apple has added Find My network capability to the AirPods Pro and AirPods Max, as well as a new Find My widget for a quick glimpse at where you are. Separation Alerts have also been added to alert users if they leave an AirTag, Apple device, or Find My Accessories network behind in an unexpected environment.



User-created tags in iOS 15 make it easier to organize and categorize notes in new ways. A Tag Browser allows you to easily view tagged notes by tapping combinations of tags. There are also new custom folders that collect notes based on tags automatically.

It’s now able to mention other users in shared notes to inform them of developments, and an all-new Activity view displays the most recent modification history.


Tags have been added to reminders to aid with organizing, and tags can now be used to search and filter reminders. A new Tag Browser allows you to rapidly see tagged reminders by tapping combinations of tags.

There are also new personalized smart lists that group reminders together automatically based on tags.

Communication Safety

The iPhone, iPad, and Mac versions of the Messages app will gain a new Communication Safety feature that will alert children and their parents when they receive or send sexually inappropriate photographs.

According to Apple, the Messages app will analyze picture attachments using on-device machine learning, and if a photo is found to be sexually explicit, it will be immediately blurred and the kid will be notified.

For accounts set up as families via iCloud, the Communication Safety feature will be available later this year in updates to iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS Monterey. End-to-end encryption will continue to secure iMessage chats, ensuring that Apple will be unable to access private messages.

More features of iOS15 will be discussed in future articles. Upgrade your smartphone till then to start enjoying these and other fantastic features.

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