Enterprise PDF DRM Software gives large corporate enterprises and small businesses added flexibility to monitor and regulate the way in which their documents are used through several remarkable features. In this way, businesses have a tighter grip and greater control over their documents, maximizing document security, customizing message and display boards, and keeping records of the users of documents.
However, the features of Enterprise PDF DRM Software are not only limited to these.  Below are four key features that makes Enterprise PDF DRM Software an unmissable security software for document protection. 

  1. Monitoring and Controlling Sub-Administrator Access 

Enterprise PDF DRM Software gives you complete control when determining how and by whom your documents are used. Each sub-administrator using your document is provided with a unique username and password when logging in to the system. This makes it easier for you to identify and distinguish the performer of each action taken on your document. Subsequently, the software enables changes to be made to access rights.

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So, if you want to stop a certain sub-administrator from having access to your documents, you can do so. Through the software you will also be able to see the prints and views made on each document as well as have access to the most-viewed and printed documents.
In addition, you are provided with the capability to distribute certain accessibility settings between different sub-administrators. So, while you give some sub-administrators full accessibility to the system, you can also hinder others from doing so by using the read-only setting.

  1. Performing Location-Based Restrictions

Enterprise PDF DRM Software enables you to give or restrict access to your documents to any country. You can even restrict the access of your PDF document to certain IP addresses or a bunch of IP addresses. This suggests that you can go as far as restricting the distribution of your documents only within your organization or choosing only specific external individuals who can access your documents, regardless of which country they live in.
The ability to perform such location-based restrictions is also vital when copyright control and national legislation is involved. For instance, you may have a document that may only be seen in the USA because of policy issues; however, with this software you will be given the ability to make it available to certain individuals outside the USA who you think may need direct access to your documents as well.

  1. Using the Available Filter Options for Effortless Browsing and Customization

A good Enterprise PDF DRM software provides you with filter options to allow you to browse in a time efficient, effortless manner. For instance, you will be able to find anything you are looking for among your documents by choosing certain search options, namely to show all documents that are set to the read-only mode. Browsing through the filter options is not only limited to document browsing, but can also be used to browse and search for document notes.
Enterprise PDF DRM Software also gives you the opportunity to customize messages that are sent out to inform others of upcoming expiry dates. You can also determine and set how many days in advance you would like the message to be sent out.

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  1. Offline User Access and Retractions of Access 

When providing access to users, it is expected that you will want your users to gain access while connected to the internet in order for you to be able to see the individuals accessing your documents and perform blocks if need be. However, setting your documents to online-only access creates issues because doing so will restrict all your users from gaining access to your documents in offline situations, such as when they are on airplanes.
Enterprise PDF DRM Software overcomes this issue by giving you the option of checking document validity once your users are at a location with an internet connection. Another option is to place time restraints on how often your users need to be connected to the internet. In this way, if they fail to access the document within the timeframe you have set, you will have the right to retract their access.
So, if you run a business or large enterprise which wants maximum control over who can gain access to your PDF documents, what actions are performed on them, and when and where they are accessed, then Enterprise PDF DRM Software is the ideal security software for you.
Author Bio: The article was published in association with Locklizard, a leading Digital Rights management provider. They produce superior quality content encryption products. Visit website for more information.

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