It is interesting how far faxing technology has come from traditional fax machines to digital devices. Today, you can use Gmail to send and receive faxes online without installing any physical dedicated line.
In business communication, where security and privacy are important, faxing is still alive. Fortunately, online fax services allow you to fax from any digital device like a computer or smartphone.
Check out Google Fax Free – a repository for the most trusted online fax services. In this guide, you will learn what it entails to send and receive faxes by Gmail or Computer.
To send and receive faxes by Gmail or computer you need an internet connection and online fax service account.

CocoFax – The most reliable online fax service

This revolutionary online fax service automatically transforms your Gmail or computer into a digital fax machine. CocoFax gives a free virtual fax number which allows faxing instantly through your Gmail or computer.
The activation of the fax number takes a few minutes. Best of all, to receive faxes into your Gmail, no configuration is necessary. CocoFax automatically converts the incoming transmission and delivers it to your Gmail inbox.
Besides, CocoFax gives you a 30-day trial period with access to all of its features. Provided you sign up with your Gmail account, your fax number will be associated with it.
A Gmail address: It is the most obvious requirement so if you don’t a Gmail account you can create it. For business purpose, create a new Gmail account to separate faxes from a personal account.

How to send and receive faxes by Gmail or computer using CocoFax

The process of using CocoFax to send and receive faxes is straightforward. Below are the steps involved.
Step 1: In your computer, visit CocoFax website and sign up for the service. Use the Gmail address you want to use to send and receive faxes. In the process, CocoFax will allow you to choose your preferred fax number.
fax number
Step 2: In your Gmail, click the Compose button to create a new email. In the ‘To’ field, provide the fax number of the recipient followed by For instance, if the recipient fax number is 12345 then the fax number should be as follow
To include a note at the top of the fax, fill in the ‘Subject’ field. Also, for the cover page, fill in the email body section. Also, you can add attachments to your fax. CocoFax supports png, pdf, jpg, xls and doc files.

Step 3: When you are convinced you have captured all the details in your fax, click ‘Send’.
CocoFax will receive your email and convert it into a fax format then forward it to the recipient. All this happens in an instant. The recipient will see fax as from your fax number and not your Gmail.
To receive faxes in your Gmail, provide the sender with your virtual fax number. Since your Gmail is already connected to your CocoFax account, any fax you receive will be forwarded to your Gmail.
The fax will instantaneously be converted into PDF format and forwarded to your Gmail inbox.

Benefits of using CocoFax to send & receive faxes by Gmail or computer

With CocoFax, you have many more benefits unavailable or limited in online fax services.
Benefits of using CocoFax
Below are some of them:

Multiplatform support

CocoFax not only allows you to fax from your Gmail or computer but also on your smartphone. It supports macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android platforms.

Safe and secure

CocoFax uses the latest security protocols to safeguard your communications online. It encrypts your faxes to ensure anyone who intercepts your fax online cannot read it.

Lifetime storage

Unlike most other online fax services, CocoFax grants you unlimited storage for your faxes. Besides, you get a clean way of storing all your faxes in one place. Best of all, you don’t have to print your faxes and are accessible online.
CocoFax sends you a delivery notification for both sent and received faxes. So, whenever your fax is successfully delivered, you will get a notification. Also, when you receive a fax, you will receive a delivery notification in your Gmail. You can check more details about CocoFax from here. 


Online fax services are changing the way we fax. CocoFax is one such service that allows you to send and receive faxes by Gmail or computer. To use CocoFax, follow the above guide.

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