“Fast and Furious” lightweight Web Browser – Falcon Browser

Falcon Browser

Falcon Browser

Ghanaians witnessed the launch of Africa’s first ever web browser called the Ananse web browser in the year 2011 developed by Oasis Websoft’s founder Raindolf Owusu. Today, another young Ghanaian developer,  Prince Kabutey Daker also known as the ‘thecodewarlock’ in the Ghanaian tech industry, and a team of volunteers have successfully launched a web browser called Falcon.

The Falcon browser is a simple, light-weight, fast, reliable, efficient and multi-purpose web browser to render web pages, which implements current and anticipated web standards.

The Falcon browser was released on August 26, 2015 and has been approved by softpedia and CNET for free downloads. Falcon took the developer six (6) months to build, and it’s currently compatible with windows operating system. The name Falcon was inspired in comparison with the fast nature of the Falcon bird. Already the Falcon web browser is receiving some praise from users as the “Fast and Furious web browser”, but this I leave at your discretion.

He said “I want Falcon to be the game changing browser in the world. Connecting the world with this high speed internet browser especially in countries with slow internet connection.”

Unlike other browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox Mozilla, Opera, Internet Exporer, Safari, etc Falcon has an in-built MySQL console. The Falcon MySQL console is a query builder  that assists developers in managing contents of their MySQL databases, allowing them to execute standard SQL queries to communicate with their database in which a select query returns a batch of records from the database, it also also has a log feature which keep track of user errors.  Falcon’s MySQL console was developed with TyphoonDBMS in mind. TyphoonDBMS is a comprehensive and reliable application that was developed to assist user in managing the contents of Oracle databases, enabling user to add, edit or remove tables without needing to resort to SQL statements to get the job done. For most MySQL developers, this console will come in handy; you won’t have to launch myphpadmin to access your database anymore.

Falcon MySQL Console

Falcon browser comes with the following features:

  •         Tabbed browsing
  •         Spell checking
  •         Incremental find
  •         Bookmarking and Smart Bookmarks
  •         A download manager
  •         Location-aware browsing (also known as “geolocation”)
  •         MySQL database console
  •         Whois? A module which finds information on any domain name or website
  •         Developer tools(DevTools): Developer tools Are a set of web authoring and debugging tools built into Falcon Browser
  •         Search Engine: Integrated search system that uses Google by default in most localizations
  •         Extensions: Functions can be added through extensions, created by third-party developers also know as plugins

Before you download and install Falcon, please take some time to go through these steps to successfully install Falcon browser on your windows PC.

How to Install Falcon Browser

Step 1

Click here to visit Softpedia or here to visit CNET, and download Falcon browser for free

Step 2

Click on the download tap: click on the External mirror 2 to have the full Falcon browser installation folder plus java runtime installation file, selection External mirror 1 if you are sure you already have java runtime on your system

Step 3

Download and Install WinRar to extract the ‘FalconBrowser_Winter_Snow.rar’ file Download here

Step 4

Extract ‘FalconBrowser_Winter_Snow.rar’ file

extract falcon browser


Step 4

Click and install Java Runtime 7 64-bit  (jre-8u60-windows-x64.exe)

Step 5

Double click on the ‘RunFalconBrowser.bat’ in ‘FalconBrowser_Winter_Snow’ folder(extracted folder)

falcon browser bat file

Step 6

Right click FalconBrowser_Winter_Snow, and create a shortcut of this file. Copy and paste it on your Desktop, and rename it Falcon browser 

Step 7

Click on the shortcut to open Falcon browser

You are good to go!!! Now you have another reason to surf the web with this super-fast lightweight browser.

Support this Ghanaian innovation that will make users go beyond web surfing.

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