Farmart: How Abraham Quaye is using technology to make farmers rich

Image Credit: Tech Nova

Abraham Quaye is taking the sales and distribution of agricultural products to a different level with his baby, Farmart.

After graduating with a degree in Agric Science from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Abraham wanted to venture into Farming. According to him, while interacting with some farmers on the field, “they lamented their inability to have access to ready market which leads to high post-harvest losses and low return in investment.”

“This is a challenge of many farmers in Africa” he said in a youtube video pitch of farmart.

Again, as he went ahead to do further research, he also realized that consumers face the challenge of not knowing the source of their produce. “They want to be involved in the production process… and they also want it to be very affordable.”

This is where farmart comes in. Farmart comes as a solution to these two problems.


Farmart is an online farmer’s market in Ghana that links farmers to homes and businesses (restaurants, hotels ET AL) in a whole new smart way.

This is done by sourcing fresh local produce and groceries from farmers in Ghana and deliver to homes and businesses when an order is placed on the website.

You can shop all your fresh farm produce and groceries right online at the comfort of your home and have them delivered on the same day anywhere in Accra, Tema or Kasoa by well trained delivery personnel.

All you have to do is log on to Farmart website, easily select your products and proceed to check out. You will receive a message to confirm your order.

Reported by Business Insider by Pulse, “Quaye says the focus is on quality, and he counts supermarkets, restaurants, hotels and households as his customers.

He has high hopes for the agric tech scene in Ghana seeing it as a great way to offer graduates jobs while increasing food security.”

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