If you ever find yourself falling for your best friend and you are clueless on what to do, here are the essential tips for you:
1. Know what is at stake: It is very vital to realise what is at stake and the things you could lose if you allow this feeling to continue. Your best friend may feel the same way or not, so just think about the possibility of your love adventure ending happily or sadly and be prepared for all eventualities.
2. Know if it is worth it: According to PulseNG, you need to ask yourself if what you feel is real love or just lust. Do you find this friend attractive and you just want to get in bed with him or her or do you genuinely love this person? Think about this deeply because it will help you know the next step to take.

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3. Study to find out if your friend feels the same way: Observation is key here. Don’t just assume because that might end badly, take your time to study your friend and you will most likely pick up hints here and there to draw your conclusion.
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4. Be ready for the worst: It is a tricky situation that can end well or bad. Therefore, you must be ready for the “No” response. It does not matter how hurtful the reply is, you must be ready to respect it.
5. Move on when it is time: If you act on how you feel and you don’t get a favourable response, you will have to think about if you wish to remain friends with him or her from then on. This decision is vital, so think wisely.
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