Robert Lewandowski is a Polish football player, a forward of Bayern Munich and a player of the Polish national team. He played in several clubs in Poland, and then moved to German Borussia. Since 2014, he has been a player of Bayern Munich.  On the progressive portal, every fan can watch the game of the famous football player and analyze today’s football results. On a progressive site, everyone is enjoying their browsing experience.

Lewandowski was named the best football player by FIFA. Robert has won the Bundesliga, the German Super Cup, the Champions League and the UEFA Super Cup with Bayern. In the first league of the German championship, he was named the best forward with a score of 34 goals. In the Champions League, the Bayern striker became the first among the forwards, sending 15 goals into the opponent’s goal.

Interesting facts of Levandovsky’s biography

Robert Lewandowski is an outstanding contemporary forward. For many years, the footballer has demonstrated an amazing game. You can watch matches with participation of the Polish striker of Bayern Munich on today’s, and any bookmaker offers to bet on football results.

Among the interesting facts in Levandovsky’s biography, the following should be mentioned:

  1. He was born in a sports family. His father played football, then began to train judoists. His mother was playing volleyball. Later she also became a coach. Interestingly, the football player’s wife is also related to sports, having received the title of the bronze medalist of the World Cup in karate.
  2. difficult career. Lewandowski didn’t manage to hit the ball immediately, which prevented him from completing chances. But until the last moment he was working on the technique. This allowed him to move to Borussia, and then to Bayern.
  3. Flight for bread. The Lewandowski couple rented a helicopter to buy pastries, as the nearest store is located 30 km from their place of residence. The rent was 5,000 euros.
  4. Invitation to Russia. In 2010, CSKA and Lokomotiv wanted to get the Pole. But Borussia quickly lured him. It was after this that the athlete began to move up the career ladder. If he had moved to Russian teams, he would hardly have been able to reveal his talent.

So, the Polish football player can be called one of the best players of our time. Moreover, many consider him a real champion. He was able to win the German championship and earned the Golden Ball last season. Probably, this year he will become the winner of the prestigious award if he can beat Messi.

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