Facebook women directors:
Facebook just added ex McKinsey exec and Este Lauder’s CFO to its board of directors, increasing the diversity and representation of ladies in the company.
The social network platform recently announced that it is adding former McKinsey executive, Nancy Killefer, and Este Lauder Companies chief financial officer, Tracey T. Travis, to its board of directors, which will expand the board after a period of heightened turnover.
The fresh additions take the total number of Facebook board members to 10 and it means that forty percent of Facebook’s board members are now women, which is a huge transformation from eight years ago when Facebook became a publicly-traded company with no woman on its board of directors.
Mark Zuckerberg had this to say, “Nancy brings a great deal of private and public sector experience to this position. She’s held a number of senior roles in the US government and was a leader at McKinsey for many years. Tracey has a strong finance and corporate leadership background, not just in her role as CFO at The Este Lauder Companies, but also serving on the board at Accenture. We have a lot we need to get done in the coming years and I think their experience is going to be very valuable. They’re both very accomplished business leaders and I’m looking forward to working with them.”

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