Facebook Watch, the video platform from Facebook is reportedly expanding. Facebook is expanding this branch even though it doesn’t seem to be gaining much traction among the digital audiences.
The social network announced that it was launching Facebook Watch globally on Facebook Lite and desktop. They also said they are expanding the 15 seconds ads to more countries.
This expansion comes in times when reports have said the ad revenue generated from Facebook Watch has diminished.
It’s been nearly a year and a half since Facebook Watch was launched. Its viewership though has not been as popular as the parent media itself. The viewership certainly has not been gigantic as compared to Twitch, YouTube and other. Possibly, that is may be a result of poor product marketing.
The company has come to say over 400 million users watch at least one minute of video per month. Contrasting that with YouTube’s estimated 1.9 billion monthly users as of September this year, Facebook Watch is really not doing well.

Maybe partnership will really revive Facebook Watch

Back in October, Facebook announced it had partnered with MTV to bring back classic reality show The Real World. They also bringing on an interactive game show called Confetti.
Recode also reported Facebook is in talks with HBO. The possible outcome of this talk is a service that could be accessed via mobile app only.
Clearly, Facebook is also chasing after classic television programming.

The audience target for this expansion

So Facebook’s priorities seem to be moving more toward novel twists on classic television programming, rather than trying to capitalize on the popularity of digital media brands.
Noteworthy, the new markets Facebook Watch is expanding into include parts of Africa, the Orient, Italy, Saudi Arabia, etc. The service is also reportedly targeting people 30 and older. This is because they found out the youngsters like Instagram more.

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