Facebook Gaming gets a big name for its gaming platform to compete Twitch and others

Facebook Gaming signs Disguised Toast

Facebook Gaming has just gotten one of the big boys in online gaming in its fold. The social network is getting really ready to compete with other video game streaming services like Twitch and Stadia.

This big name is Jeremy Wang, who is better known as Disguised Toast. He has more than 1 million followings on the Twitch service. Facebook has signed a deal with Disguised Toast onto Facebook Gaming, its live-streaming gaming platform.

This follows a new trend where these creators are leaving their former platforms to new ones. Twitch lost Ninja to Microsoft’s Mixer in August. Another player, Shroud, also left Twitch for Mixer in October.

Disguised Toast
Jeremy Wang (Disguised Toast)

CEO of StreamElements, a live-streaming services provider Doron Nir, revealed that Facebook is making some moves in the background. He said: “Facebook is making a lot of strategic moves to showcase their competitive spirit. It’s been heavily focusing on attracting talent in other regions, such as Latin America and Europe. With today’s announcement, they are hitting closer to home which should make others take notice.”

The new signee, Jeremy Wang (Disguised Toast) said he went with Facebook because he believes Facebook Gaming “has the most explosive potential.” He also acknowledged the risk of moving to a different platform. “It’s always a risk to move platforms but my research has made me confident in my choice,” he added.

Disguised Toast is known for playing “Hearthstone”, “Apex Legends” and “League of Legends” games.


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