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I hope that you didn’t stick under the rock of Gielinor because if you didn’t hear about the Old School RuneScape on mobile devices, then I have to assume that you were stuck there for a year or so. The announcement for the release of OSRS Mobile goes way back in July 2017. After the announcement, it became the #1 topic for the community.

One year is complete and it looks like that the release of the Old School RuneScape Mobile is within the grasp. In Mar 2018, the development team released a beta version of the mobile game, which was tested by around 2,000 users. After comprehensively testing the beta version, we have a compilation which lists all the necessary information you should know about the game.

So, without any further ado, let’s get you started.

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Which platforms will be supported by OSRS Mobile?

The current beta version is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. After the release of the full game, it is expected that it will be released for both the platforms on Google Play and Apple Store. Yes, it is great news for both the fans (Android & iOS users) as they do not have to convert and then download. However, for the Linux and Windows users (if there are any though!!!) you need to borrow an iPhone or an Android phone to play this ultimate game on the mobile device. I know it is sad.

Is there a separate World for the Mobile Game Users?

Of course not!!! The Old School RuneScape game will cater to you the same world as it tends to have in the desktop version. Jagex hasn’t released any hints about that and I don’t believe that they will be doing that any time sooner. Once you download the OSRS mobile, you will be able to play OSRS alongside with the PC users as well. And the bright side is the world in the game will be the one which you have seen in the PC version.

Is The OSRS Mobile Free?

It is safe to say that the mobile version of the game can be linked with your PC account. So, when you download the mobile version, you don’t have to pay anything. However, the game RuneScape itself is not free so you can’t simply say that you will not be charged. When you opt for membership then as per the PC game, you will be charged as per their plans. But yes, there is no extra subscription on the game for playing it in mobile devices.

Will OSRS Mobile run smoothly on All Devices?

As the development team didn’t release any data out yet, it is difficult to say whether it will run smoothly on all type of devices (Mobile & Tabs) or not. However, they did make it quite clear that they will make the best of the game to make sure that the game runs smoothly on all type of devices. The current version of the OSRS is not in the state-of-art where it cannot run smoothly. In my opinion, with the graphics currently, OSRS have, you can run it on any mobile device of your choice.

Will You Be Able To Listen To Music While Playing OSRS Mobile?

Jagex cleared it when they released the beta version that you can play music in the background while playing OSRS in mobile. The situation regarding background music is quite clear and I don’t think we need any further explanation on that.

Will It Eat Lots Of Mobile Data?

My answer to that is, it depends. With unlimited plans, you might have no problem with the amount of mobile data OSRS feeds on. Still, for the facts and figures, OSRS is believed to consume a minimum of 103MB per hour. For some of you this figure can be a concerning factor, but remember, OSRS was designed with dial-up in mind. The developers are still working on that so let’s have our fingers crossed. There is an estimate that the developer teams are working on the game to make it consume a max of 2MB of data per hour which is certainly good news for the mobile OSRS enthusiast.

In The End

So, that is all you must know about OSRS Mobile. The release date is yet to come, and I am quite excited for that (So, do you, Aye?). Let me know your thoughts on Mobile OSRS via comments. Just can’t wait for the game to come out. Patience is really wearing thin. Adios for now fellas!!! 

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