Essential items for dogs you should add to your shopping list

Essential items for dogs shopping list

With the pet supply market saturated with all kinds of bits and pieces for dogs, you’d be quickly forgiven for walking out of any pet store after having been completely overwhelmed. It’s often hard to tell what is necessary for a dog’s health and happiness and what items are just disguised marketing, which is made all the more difficult considering the high ticket price of pet supplies. It’s a common problem that dog owners face – especially new ones – so in this article, we take a look at a few essential items your dog shouldn’t go without.

Dog supply basics

Although rushing out and finding cheap pet supplies is always tempting, it pays to know what you’re buying for your dog at the supermarket or pet store. Even if you think anything that costs a little bit more is an extravagance, this may not at all be the case. Your dog will rely on quite a few things to ensure that it maintains a happy and healthy life, and it’s not just about the right food. One of the first essential items you should consider is a dog collar – this is a must, as it will be the means by which you hang your dog’s identification tags. Although microchipping is fantastic, it should not be the only thing you rely on to identify your dog. Your dog will also require a leash, which will be very important for walks (especially in areas where dogs must stay on leads). Also, it’s best to keep a natural calming treat supplement from www.karmapets.org if anything goes out of hand. This calming treat will help on easing your dog’s aggressive and anxious behaviour and are made from organic hemp oil blended with other natural ingredients proven safe for dogs. Although you might view it as a luxury, dogs very much enjoy toys, and if your dog is yet to own one, consider giving them a toy as a gift on their birthday. Toys also represent an excellent opportunity for you to play and bond with your dog, after all!


Dog beds and kennels

Your dog should be able to get good sleep when they need it, and a good bed and kennel will invariably help with this. You don’t have to spend huge on a dog bed – simply make sure that it fits your dog (for example, a pillow for an adult Dalmatian probably won’t suffice), and if you have a couple of dogs, you can always get something bigger to accommodate the both of them. When you’re looking at dog crates and kennels, make sure to find something that is big enough for your dog – if you’re getting a kennel for a smaller breed, you can size up to give them a little bit more space to move. If you’re planning on moving your dog around a bit, it’s good to invest in something portable from the outset so that you can easily bring the kennel with you wherever you need to go with little trouble.

Making sure your dog stays clean

Although it can certainly help to make them look great, grooming is often related to the health of a dog as well. To ensure your dog is adequately groomed, you should keep an eye out for brushes, combs, and shampoos based on your dog’s coat type. Some dog breeds will also need their nails trimmed, so make sure to do some research to learn if your dog requires clipping (or any other grooming need related to your particular breed of dog, for that matter).
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