PlayArena is an eSports and social community platform created by eSports Ghana to help lovers of gaming in Ghana to compete in online competitions and also have social interactions.  

eSports Ghana, one of the eSports group in Ghana, has launched an eSports and social community online platform called PlayArena to help promote online gaming in Ghana.

The eSports group has been pivotal in the growth of eSports in Ghana through its organizations of tournaments and international friendlies, and its latest addition only adds to its dedication and commitment to help promote eSports in Ghana.

eSports Ghana

The online platform can be accessed through PlayArena.GG and will be available for all gamers in Ghana.

Speaking to JBKlutse’s Papa Kayson in an exclusive interview, the President of eSports Ghana, Kwesi Hayford, indicated that the purpose for creating the platform is to help Ghanaian gamers connect and share information.

He said, “The motivation is to get the multiplayer online engagement growing in Ghana and also to create a community for gamers where they can connect and also share.

“PlayArena actually started off as Africa Online Battle Arena but we thought of the name as too long so we brainstormed and came up with PlayArena.GG”, he continued.

“The platform is for all Gamers and people can contribute to building it three main parts: social networking, Tournaments and the PlayShop.

“Currently, we are working on getting more titles onto the platform. We recently added 8 ball pool and will soon add PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PubG) Mobile”.





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