Ghana based payments processor, Interpay Limited (“Interpay Africa”) has been recently acquired by Emergent Technology.  Emergent Technology Holdings LP is a global financial technology firm.
Interpay Africa connects merchant in Africa to both local and international payments channels. It does this through traditional payment, mobile money and through local banks as well.
It has offices in Ghana, Benin and Pakistan. The company has over 40 employees currently.
The Managing Director of EmTech, Tim Davis disclosed EmTech is committed to Africa. Also, they believe in Africa’s potentials.  
“This investment demonstrates EmTech’s total commitment to Africa and our unwavering belief in the region’s potential. African markets are highly complex and require a meticulous approach.
In addition, Davis said, “We are accelerating our African expansion with technical solutions already integrated with local participants and an on-the-ground team with a deep understanding of the consumer culture and regulatory environment.”
Emergent Payments (Emergent Technology) is also a payment facilitator. It serves large-scale digital merchants spreading into developing markets.
Merchants have access to local payments services in developing market countries through a single API integration. The markets merchants gain access to are all over Africa, Latin America, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.
Saqid Nazir is the CEO of Interpay Africa. He believes Africa possesses huge e-commerce growth opportunities and they’re happy to be part.
“Africa presents incredible e-commerce growth opportunities. The young population of over a billion people is rapidly embracing technology innovation and is increasingly demanding goods and services, both local and foreign. The payments landscape is developing fast. We are excited to be part of EmTech’s vision to further advance local payment services across the region and to provide the best regulatory, tax and FX solutions to global merchants.
Because of the aquisition, EmTech has renamed Interpay Limited. Emergent Payments Ghana Limited is the new name. And it will do business as Emergent Payments Africa.

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