Elon Musk and his partner, Grimes are new parents as they recently welcomed a bouncing baby boy. The Tesla boss broke the good news on Twitter with these words, “Mom & baby all good.” He then later confirmed that she gave birth to a son.
Recall that Grimes hinted at the pregnancy on Instagram recently with a cryptic picture featuring a baby photoshopped onto her body before later confirming her pregnancy in an interview with Rolling Stone. On the problems she battled with her pregnancy in her 2nd trimester, Grimes disclosed that she felt “woefully ill-prepared” because childbearing is not as “visible or discussed as it should be.”

Elon Musk partner son
Photo credit: thenextweb.com

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According to CNET, it has been a brilliant week for Elon Musk. Earlier in the week, reports said Tom Cruise is set to work alongside Elon’s company SpaceX and NASA to shoot a film in space. We wish the family and baby good health during the coronavirus pandemic.
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