eCampus adds artificial intelligence and blockchain technology in its latest update

eCampus Version 3.0

Good news for parents and students in Ghana: Students can now measure their preparedness for an exam before they take them. eCampus, Ghana’s premier eLearning platform for students and professionals has released a new update – Version 3.0

In a blog post, the company announced the release of its improved intuitive version on Monday to commemorate the memory and extraordinary work of the late Kofi Annan towards education.

eCampus 3.0 uses machine learning, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technologies to make learning responsive, fun and rewarding.

What are users to expect from this new update:

Test prep

Student-users can be able to measure the preparedness for an exam using the Test prep feature. When you are preparing for an exam, you should consider taking a Test prep available on eCampus.

Course suggestion

Users on the app previously followed courses of their choice to study. However, the new eCampus app powered by Artificial Intelligence (A.I) can suggest relevant courses based on the user’s profile setting.


Users will be able to generate points whiles they use our app and later trade such points for service or products with organisations listed on our app. These points can also be used to generate credentials in the form of digital badges to seek employment.

Labs (Beta)

It further provides users with labs sessions for practicals using Virtual Reality technology. Using VR gears, users will be able to explore lab test in their field of study.

Isn’t this fun?

eCampus says learn but learn the smart way.

The features above is a proof of the company’s commitment to preparing students for BECE, WASSCE, and other internationally recognised exams in Ghana.

As a student, don’t only spend time on social media or watching videos on your smartphone. Make a right decision to invest time into studying. And one smart way is to learn with eCampus. Parents are also encouraged to help make their children’s stay at home more benefit but signing them on eCampus.

eCampus version 3.0 is available on Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Windows App Store. Download now.

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About eCampus

eCampus puts the classroom in your palm by directly connecting teachers and learners via mobile and web technologies. eCampus offers a unique user experience to complement three distinct learning needs addressing high school, tertiary education, and corporate training.


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