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Nowadays, everyone is chasing after fashion trends to stand out with their taste. But do they really create their own style or they are just one of the numerous hollow copies? This fashion hacks will help you find your personal image so not to be an impersonal clone.
Make your wardrobe’s revision

Before you start going shopping and buying tons of new clothes, clean out your closet. At first, there must some space for your new outfit. At second, some of your old clothes may still be in fashion. And finally, when we buy new stuff year after year, we simply forget about some decent apparel and it remains lying deep in our wardrobe. Take a good look at everything and sort it out.

So, you must get rid of everything old, ripped, and bad looking; these items are a simple waste of space. Another group of clothes is something that doesn’t fit you anymore. You can donate these things or give them to your friends or relatives. The third group – stylish clothes that you like and fit your image.

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Get inspired

Look at the items left in your closet. Which of them do you love the most? What would you like to add? Now it’s time for the most creative part. Surf the internet, examine the most popular blogs and sites and don’t forget about Instagram and Pinterest. The more sources you look through, the clearer picture of your style you will get.

Consider everything: shoes, outerwear, sportswear, accessories, and even cosmetics. Don’t forget to look through hair styling hacks. You can easily change your clothes, but a new hairstyle can change your appearance drastically and complete your new image.

Refresh your wardrobe – go shopping

  • Here comes the most delightful and at the same time exhausting stage of our style tips. This process is very important because there is no way back after you buy a new apparel. To make everything right, follow these steps:
  • Make a shopping list and supplement it with photos in Pinterest and Instagram. The desirable image of you must be right before your eyes every time;
  • Take a good and honest friend with you to give some advice and constructive critics;
  • Try not to throw away money. Some clothes may be terrific and extremely trendy but think twice before buying a truly expensive item. If you want something like that, you should look for similar and cheaper clothes. Do not buy everything in the very first boutique. In addition, look for sales;
  • Pick up appropriate accessories to every item. Do not underestimate the role of new earrings, wristwatch, purse or handbag. These items can change your image completely, so you’d better stock up on accessories for all occasions;
  • Don’t hesitate to visit second-hand stores. Trendy boutiques are 100% worth visiting. However, remember that everyone shops there, so the risks you will look like everyone else goes up. Some second-hands provide a vast supply of rarities and vintage items. Furthermore, you can accidentally find completely new clothes there.

Use the service of tailors

  • To get our own unique clothes sewed is not cheap. However, if you cannot find the appropriate size or dream about some rare item you can’t find, you can’t-do without such service. There are pros than cons. The most important is that you will have clothes that nobody does.
  • It also will be better to improve your sewing and handmade skills to create or improve your outfit.

Do not follow the trends blindly

  • If you feel that new trendy clothes make you look silly or don’t fit you, do not wear them. Buy things that make you feel comfortable and attractive.
  • So, these style tips for men and women will help you stand out from the grey mass of similar looking trend hunters.

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