DStv XtraView: 4 things to know about it

DStv XtraView

Most families might not be interested in watching the same Tv programmes, so how do they have their way without necessarily fighting over the remote?

The first solution DStv had to this challenge was the Dual View system. But DStv now has a much better way to get the entire family hooked onto their favourite channels with equal access to all functionalities. DStv introduced DStv XtraView, which allows subscribers to watch different channels on two different decoders at the same time with just one subscription package.

4 things to know about DStv XtraView

Links two decoders to one subscription package

DStv XtraView allows you to link two decoders to one subscription package. Therefore, you do not need two subscription packages for each decoder. The best part is all two decoders get the same services offered under that subscription. Thus, if the primary decoder has a premium DStv subscription, the secondary decoder also has full access to the same subscription.

XtraView requires Primary and Secondary Decoders

When connecting to two decoders to access XtraView, either of the two may be used as a Primary decoder or a Secondary decoder. The primary decoder is the decoder that has the main subscription, and the secondary decoder is the connected decoder. The heartbeat cable is what links the primary decoder to the secondary decoder, enabling the two decoders to communicate.

Decoders models used for DStv XtraView

Standard Decoders[DSD1110, DSD1131 and DSD1132] and SD PVRHD PVR can be used to enjoy XtraView. All future models of MultiChoice decoders will also come with the XtraView capability.

Access fees for XtraView

The DStv XtraView comes at a monthly access fee. The access fee is equivalent to the current fees for SD PVR and Dual View decoder functionalities. However, you will not be billed extra if you are already paying the access fees for SD PVR and Dual View.

The primary decoder must always be switched on for XtraView to work. The service is not available to commercial subscribers. The DStv XtraView is the best way to keep the whole family glued to what they love to watch at no double cost for subscription.’

However, to make the fun of watching DStv XtraView better, Multichoice should consider increasing the number of secondary decoders that could be connected.

The secondary decoders could also be made independent so that one would not always have to switch on the primary decoder first.

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