As a mother of the bride, you are really going to be included in so many special moments on your daughter’s wedding day. Heck, there is a good chance that you will spend countless hours planning and scheduling caterers or entertainment. However, when you walk into that reception and are announced to the crowd as the mother of the bride all eyes are going to be on you. And, this is not to even mention all those pictures that you are going to be in. The groom is going to want a picture with you, your daughter will want pictures with you, and the groom’s family will probably even want pictures. This is why you must look your best, but finding that perfect dress can be a headache if you let it. With the following tips, you can make finding that perfect dress much easier.

Speak With The Bride

There is a good chance that you already know a great deal about the wedding, but no one is going to know more than the bride. You need to sit down and speak with your daughter about her vision of the big day. There is a good idea that she already has some idea of what the theme is going to be and what type of dress she is going to sport on that special day. The formality or informality of the event will greatly affect the overall style and design of the dress that you are going to choose. Know all the details before dress shopping and you will already have your choices narrowed down.

Start Early As Possible

It probably goes without saying that you need to start looking for mother of the groom dresses and mother of the bride dresses as early as possible. If you start at least six months before the event this will permit you plenty of time to schedule fittings and find a dress that you really love. Plus, there is a good chance that alterations might be needed. A six-month time frame will permit all the time that you need to get through these tasks with poise and confidence.

Know The Wedding Colors

It is true that most brides would prefer that their mothers wear a colour that is in the same palette as the bridal party. The bride might even want you to match the bridal party to the letter, but there really is no set rule that says you must coordinate. The key thing is for you to complement the big day’s hue and not clash with it. Metallics like gold mother of the bride dresses are always an excellent choice.

Consider Shopping Online

You probably already know that you are living in an age of online retail. Consumers are buying everything online these days. You can literally get anything from groceries to car parts online these days. Well, this is even true when it comes to wedding attire. Shopping at home can be much less stressful, as you can comfortably sift through thousands of dresses in just a matter of hours. This is something that would take days in person.

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