Reading is an important aspect of our lives. Aside the educational and informative roles books have, they also entertain us.
Harry S. Truman said, “not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.”
Reading can inspire you above our current situations. Biographies and legends are typical examples of books that can inspire you to be a better person.
There are some experiences in life and work that you can learn faster when you read. For instance, John-Bunya Klutse, the founding blogger of this site has written an article on how to start a successful blog and how to fund your new blog.
In these articles, he shares his experiences as a blogger. Equipping yourself with such information will put you in a good position if you want to start blogging. This also applies to all forms of trade and professions. Reading about the experiences and mistakes of people puts you in a good position not to repeat them and to also take a cue from their successes.
Aside all these, reading can also help you to relax your nerves and escape from all the worries of this life. Reading can help you manage stress.
Fiction reading provides an escape. It helps you mentally disengage from your circumstances, which facilitates rest and recovery. When you come back to real life, you can face your challenges with new ideas and renewed energy and focus.
Many schools in Ghana have libraries. These libraries are stack up with books that allow students to research, do further studies away from the class and to make students enjoy their leisure.
In our current era, work and other life demands have become more intense that spending time to go to the library or to spend time in your own room to read is very difficult.
Now, people prefer to read their emails and news from all over the world on their phones when they are on the go. I mean, they do so in traffic on their way to/from work or school, running an errand or just taking a stroll. I can bet you are reading this on your mobile device.
If you are a book lover, I am sure you would love to have your books at your call, as and when you need them. Reading on the go, in your room, on the toilet and every other place you want to can be exciting. Again, walking to a bookshop/library to get that book you want can be time-consuming. Searching for it from one shelve to the other and having to read some portions before selecting the book that catches your attention is not a comfortable thing to do either.
That is why you need a more reliable platform on your phone to provide books from all over the world for you. A platform that gives you comfort, access to all books ranging from sports to entertainment, love, romance, sex, religion and education ET AL and great fun whiles reading. The most amazing part? Using this platform is absolutely free.
Worldreader App gives you access to an enormous digital library with thousands of free carefully curated e-books from around the world. With this app, you get a whole library on your device. I mean, books from all over the world.
You can now download books, read them offline, and take them anywhere. Simply choose a digital book, download it via the book details screen, and have it appear in your offline reading library.

Worldreader App
Create a library of the books you love

Reading free quality books in an entertaining way is never easy to come by. This is the only free book library that gives you prizes for reading your favourite books and stories. Worldreader App allows you to set reading goals, check your reading progress, and see how you stand against other readers in your country via reading larderboards!
Another amazing feature that comes with the Worldreader App is the Read Out Loud feature which allows you to listen to the audio version of all books. You can also use this feature to  learn how to pronounce an individual word or phrase.
Simply open any book on the Woldreader App, tap the screen to open the reading menu, and select Read Out Loud.
So if you love reading and you want to create your personal library and carry it with you anywhere on your phone, Download the Worldreader App now.
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