Do not buy old iPhones before a new release

Apple is about to launch the 2019 model of its iPhone line of smartphones. And I’m pretty sure some people have been saving some money to get one of the old models. Yeah, not everyone can shed so much at one time for a smartphone. But I will advise that nobody should make the mistake of going out to buy old iPhones before the new one is announced or even released.

If you are itching to a get an old iPhone within the week, probably an iPhone 7, I’ll say continue to stomach the itch and temptation. It will pay off as it is the wise thing to do around the time Apple is about to release the iPhone 11 (or whatever the company will name it).

The official date for the launch of the next Apple iPhone, and other Apple devices, as announced by the company is Tuesday, September 10, 2019. That is just a few days from now and that is why it may go against you if you hit the stores to get a new iPhone, which, of course, is an old model.

The reason for this strict advice is two basic things we have seen over the years with Apple’s releases. Before we visit those two reasons, let’s see what popular Apple-oriented website, 9to5Mac, had to say when people asked if it was a good idea to buy an old iPhone model around the time Apple is about to launch a new one.

This is what 9to5Mac had to say about the question:

“Every August, 9to5Mac gets inundated by people asking whether or not they should buy the previous year’s iPhone model, or wait to see what Apple has in store for September. Even if you don’t care about the new tech coming in that year’s new iPhone, the answer is always clear: wait.”

As said before, there are two basic reasons for this advice. The first is price reduction. The other reason which could be really painful is discontinuation of the line.

Why shouldn’t you buy old iPhones now?

Price reduction

This is a wide-known ritual of Apple. If you have followed any of Apple’s September announcements ever, you will notice that the company always slightly reduces the price on its older iPhones when it announces newer iPhones.

Whenever the company releases a new set of iPhones, the previous models are all discounted. Everybody knows this, at least people that follow Apple do.

Also, reseller shops and sites (like Best Buy, Jumia, etc.) will definitely offer better prices depending on Apple’s price changes for the older iPhones. And you should also be reminded that the Black Friday shopping craze is also a couple of weeks away.

So wait, let Apple release the new iPhone models and you’ll definitely get some really cool prices. Waiting until Apple announces or releases a new iPhone will even help you to save more until you are finally ready to cop a new iPhone.

Even if you think you can buy an old iPhone directly from Apple’s site, it is prudent to hold on till the new one drops. The next reason will back this up.

Line discontinuation

This is the most important aspect of not buying old iPhones around this time. As Apple discounts its old devices, some are also discontinued. Say you are looking to cop an older iPhone model, like the iPhone 7, there is a great possibility that the company is going to discontinue the line when it finally launches the iPhone 11 (or XI).

iPhone 6S discontinued
The iPhone 6S was discontinued in 2018 along with the iPhone SE following the release of the iPhone XS and XS Max

This means that Apple will stop producing that model. The same model or models will be exempted from future updates (maybe a year or two after discontinuation) and this will make support for certain thing difficult. You may not even get technical support from Apple itself that easy.

Thus, you should hold on until after September 10, the day the new model is dropping, then you can buy old iPhones, either to resell or use.

After the launch of the 2019 iPhone, the old iPhone you are looking to buy may even get an upgrade in storage and a lower price if you’re lucky.


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