As a website owner, domain name theft is one of the worst things that can happen to you. Hackers can easily get hold of a valuable domain name especially when it’s valuable. Many big websites like Google, Facebook, Instagram and Bing ensure that their domains are well secured. For domain name owners, securing their domain names is one of the online safety precautions that they can use.
if you are wondering why people steal domain names, well they do that for two reasons:

  • They steal it and ask for ransom
  • They steal it and resell at a higher price

However, there are domain names that are worth millions and the owners try there best to protect them.

How to prevent domain name theft

The first thing you need to know about domain name thefts is how you can become a victim. The thieves view people’s whois details and use it to hack them. Unless you pay your domain providers, many of them will expose your domains to the public.
The data that will be exposed will include name, email, phone number, address and business name. However, some companies still protect their customers at no extra cost. So, you’ll need to check out your hosting company to verify if they actually does that for you.
If your details are not hidden, it’ll be great if you activate a two-factor authentication. However, this is a precaution and might not help after the theft.
So what will you do if your domain name gets stolen? You’ll first find the loophole and fix it. Visit your control panel and verify if your other domains are safe.
Then check your email to know if the hackers have contacted you. This will help you to know the next step to take. If they stole it for a ransom, you can negotiate or report to your hosting company. Same will go if they want to sell it, but this time negotiation will be a bit harder.
If your customer care is really nice, they should guide you on what to do. It’ll be easier if the thieves don’t move it outside the host.
These are some of the tips for getting your lost domains, however prevention is better than cure. Try to hide your WHOIS data and activate two-factor authentication.

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