One major thing the coronavirus pandemic has taught Ghanaians is that no matter the type of business you do, introducing it online can help thrive it.
With social distancing taking over the world, digitalising your business is the best way to go. If you do business in Ghana, here are 3 handy tips that can help you secure your online business and earnings.

1. Digitally audit your business

Ask yourself questions such as:

  • Which aspects of my business have to be introduced online?
  • Which vital documents do I have to digitalise?
  • How do I train my employees to be tech effective while making use of online teams for the growth of the business?

The responses you get will help you to get started.


2. Build an online presence

To secure your online business and earnings, I will advise you to invest in building an online presence intentionally. I call it, taking your business online. The world is fast growing digitally, and until you learn to keep up with speed, you might lose some key customers that want to sit in the comfort of their homes and do things digitally. If you can’t personally get involved, hire people that will ensure you effectively engage online customers and attend to their needs conveniently. Begin with relevant social media platforms and work on building a web presence. It will be worth it.

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3. Introduce digital payment options

In case you partially operate your business via the internet, it is time to introduce digitalised payment options in your mode of operations if it hasn’t yet been introduced. This will help you to secure your earnings. Options such as mobile money and card payments are super useful for this. Just join in the fun and start expanding your business.
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