A recent findings has revealed that the average smartphone screen is more than 3 times dirtier than a toilet seat. The study was conducted by a team of gadget insurance specialist at Insurance2go.
They swabbed three different handsets namely iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S8 and Google Pixel to see how much aerobic bacteria, yeast, and mold thrived on each of them.
Can you recall the last time you cleaned your phone? Last week? Month? Never? Well, you’re not alone.
The screens were found to be the dirtiest with an average of 30 units (making it dirtier than the toilet seat). The lock button averaged on 23.8 units which is almost the same as the toilet and home button with a solid 10.6 units making it twice dirtier than office keyboard/mouse.
According to doctors, the germs present on smartphone screens pose as a major source of skin problems as acne. Since we carry our phones wherever we go, it’s inevitable that they pick up germs along the way. We never actually realize how infectious our phones are as we hold them against our faces.
So be careful the next time you decide to take your phone to the loo and use it for calling and texting there. The phone may not come in contact with feces but it can definitely catch some bacteria from the feces.
A good precaution is to use earphones if you are going to attend calls for extended periods of time. And to keep your smartphone clean, you can use alcohol wipes or purchase smartphone cleaning solutions.
Just in case you are reading this story on a smartphone, you might want to consider washing your hands right away!
So, do yourself a favour and aim to clean your phone thoroughly once a week. Your health, and face will thank you for it!

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