Jigsaws are typically used for cutting holes out of stencils and cutting curves, which no other saw is capable of doing. That is why this is such a unique tool to have in your workshop. However, this is not the only function of this versatile saws. They can be used for various other applications in and around the home that you may not even know of. With the right blades, a jigsaw can perform many different tasks.


Jigsaws can be used for cutting metal, which can be helpful when you need to make a hole in a piece of material where a pipe needs to fit. There will be instances where you will need to create curves in the metal for it to fit on a wall. Jigsaws can be used pipework too; however, you should steer clear from using a jigsaw to cut straight lines. The tool is not suitable for attempting this task and completing it successfully.


When installing a new countertop, you will have to make various different cuts for installing different fixtures such as sprayer hoses and faucets. They often necessitate small, round holes for which a jigsaw is ideal unless the countertop came with the holes already made. Some jigsaw blades are specially designed for cutting countertop, and you must ensure that you are using the right ones to complete the job efficiently. Look for a downstroke blade since they are perfect for cutting hard, deep surfaces like those of countertops.


The most frequent use of jigsaws is cutting wood. According to Cut My Plastic, the wood can range from thicker wood types or plywood to timbers used for construction. You can even source the right jigsaw blades for cutting timbers that have nails in them. Jigsaws are also used for cutting stencils, scrollwork, and adding decorative patterns in the wood when making furniture pieces. For such a task, however, you would require some form of experience so that you don’t end up ruining the wood. Nowadays, using a cordless jigsaw can make the task of cutting a lot more convenient since there are no power cables that you can trip over or risk cutting by accident.

Ceramic tiles

There are numerous instances where a jigsaw can be used with ceramic tile projects. For instance, you may need to cut a curve or semicircle around a pipe. By utilizing a carbide grit blade on the jigsaw, you can easily take care of this task. A tile cutter won’t do the job as quickly and efficiently as a jigsaw.


Concrete blades can be utilized on a jigsaw for cutting into porous concrete or fiber cement. A jigsaw shouldn’t be used for all cement jobs, but it is the appropriate tool for creating an opening or hole for a pipe.


Not many people would think of a jigsaw for cutting carpet. However, a jigsaw can provide a more accurate cut as opposed to using scissors or a utility knife. A soft material blade can be used on the jigsaw for this purpose as well as cutting cardboard, polystyrene, or leather.

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