Without a doubt, music has moved from being a pastime to become a multi-million dollar industry around the globe, putting more than just food on the table for musicians as well as other professionals within the Arts and Entertainment Industry.

Likewise, it’s certainly a good time for Ghanaian musicians to make the most of their music with the introduction of a digital media store in the country, Distro Plug.

Distro Plug

Distro Plug is a digital media store whose goal is to solve the problem of music distribution from the African continent and more exposure of the underground music community to digital stores for and in turn generate more income to boost their music careers further and a more affordable way to promote.

Created by David Drexx George – a Ghanaian/Nigerian tech investor and entrepreneur – launched the new product on Wednesday, January 16, 2019, in Accra to save musicians of the stress.

Addressing the press, Mr George said the platform will give musicians, especially indies, the opportunity to upload their own works without going through the difficulties they go through when using western third-party distribution channels.

He said musicians can walk into their office in Accra anytime and get their works uploaded with just GHC 10. Mr George said the artistes who are busy can use their online portal, thedistroplug.com, to submit their works in less than five minutes and the distribution will take effect in just two days.

“Musicians on our platforms are entitled to 100% royalties,” he revealed, adding that musicians signed onto their platforms will be offered free marketing through the traditional and online media.

The Distro Plug digital distribution service delivers music to services including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play and Deezer, enabling artists to manage their assets from a single platform.

The service collects and distributes 100% of the royalties from streaming and downloads directly to artists and any other participating rights-holders.

Artists, managers etc can sign up thedistroplug.com and will be directed to a dashboard which helps them manage their tracks, albums, promotion of their content and also collect royalties.

Distro Plug started in December 2018 as a division of Bunna Empire with plans to be the largest distributor of independent music in Africa.

Source: ghlinks.com.gh

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