This season brings with it a lot of travel and family time, whether you are celebrating Easter or not. Uber is here to help you travel around your city affordably and conveniently during the long Easter weekend.

As many people move from one city or state to another, we’ve put together some destinations you can explore along with tips to make the most out of Uber. 

Airport trips

Many of you may have out of town family members who will be visiting, and while you need time sprucing up your home, why not use Uber to request a ride for them and avoid the time and hassle of driving.  With Uber, those dreaded airport pickups are much easier and so convenient for everyone involved. Request a ride for that family member and a notification with the driver and vehicle details will be sent to their phone directly.

Family Day out

Get the kids together and head out for a fun day out! Lekki Leisure Lake is a safe authentic outdoor fun spot for the whole family. Offering exciting watercraft activities, quad bikes, jet ski as well as pedal boats for the whole family.

This one is for the art lovers, Freedom Park Lagos will spark the “creative” in you. A reclaimed venue, the spot offers artistic scenes, gathering in the park, a place to meet people and hang around and just inhale the creative air and feel free. 


LUFASI Nature Park is ideal for a full day out. The park offers different levels of interactions with nature, with playgrounds, a football field and a tennis table to keep the children entertained. You can interact with animals like monkeys, tortoises and horses. The entrance is N1000 per person, a worthwhile trip for the family.

Holiday shopping without the stress 

Ever feel like you’re wasting your life searching for parking instead of shopping? There’s nothing more frustrating than arriving at the mall and being forced to search for a place to park.  With Uber, the stress of parking can be a thing of the past as you can be dropped and picked up right by the entrance. We also know riders love shopping, as Ikeja City Mall, The Palm Shopping Mall, Leisure Mall and Maryland Mall are some of the most popular malls that riders use Uber to request a ride to.

Travel tips

By requesting a ride on Uber, you get to enjoy your city while someone else navigates the hustle and bustle of Lagos traffic. Safe and convenient no matter your destination but before you or a loved one hops on that ride, remember: 

  • While you wait: Make sure that you wait for your driver in a safe well-lit area, preferably with someone, until you have confirmed your driver has arrived. It is never a good idea to have your phone in clear sight outdoors or in the dark.
  • Confirm your driver first: You should always check the car’s make, model, licence plate, and driver’s name to make sure it matches what is displayed in the Uber app.
  • Trusted Contacts: Riders can designate up to five friends and family members as Trusted Contacts to be prompted to share trip details with them during every ride or night-time trips.
  • RideCheck:  To put your mind at ease, Uber also has a new feature called RideCheck, where we check in on you if we detect any odd activity on your trip, like a long stop or an unusual route.

With a variety of options available throughout the day as well as various safety features, getting from party to party, or from home to an airport or train station, Uber provides riders with more peace of mind this busy holiday season.  


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