Korba truly satisfies its core function of making our lives simplified by making sending and paying for services using our mobile as simple as making a phone call.
Korba app enables you to send funds across mobile networks, payment cards and bank accounts (including rural banks) with ease. It is very simple to use and one doesn’t need to have a smartphone to use korba app. 
If your phone can make a call; then, it can operate this awesome service.
Also, unlike other financial technologies, you don’t need a wallet on Korba to perform transactions. All you need to do is to follow the steps below:

How to use Korba to send money and pay for services

1. Dial *447*447#
2. Select your desired activity
3. Verify details
4. Confirm transaction

It is this simple!
Once you transact with Korba, an instant notification sent to both recipient and sender (you) to confirm a successful transaction.
Alternatively, you can download the app on your android or apple device and follow the prompts.

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