Deleting a page in Microsoft Word is not as direct as removing or deleting a word.  Although it is not straight-forward, I am going to show you the easiest method to remove or delete a page in MS Word.
Microsoft Word users may run into this problem from time to time: a blank page either in the middle or at the end of a document that cannot seem to be deleted (for this: introduce a new page after it, so it does remain as the last page)
The method in this article will help you to either delete an unwanted blank page or a page containing text or graphics. There are many ways of deleting a page in MS Word but this is the most effective.

How to delete a page in Microsoft Word

1.   Click anywhere in the page you want to delete
2.  press Ctrl+G ( This should display the box below.)

  1. And in the Enter page number box, type \page or enter the page number (That’s if you are sure)

5. Press Enter on your keyboard

  1. And then click Close. (Verify that a page of content is selected)
  2. Press Delete on your keyboard.

Once this is done, the selected page will be removed. Please note that this method does not apply to the last page of your word document.
Your days of getting frustrated about deleting a page in Microsoft Word are over.
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