Coworking Spaces In Ghana

To every Entrepreneur or Founder of a startup, managing funds is an important competency. At the initial stages of one’s business renting an office space is somewhat a big challenge as it comes at a cost most small businesses may not be able to afford.
This headache of most new business owners is gradually been addressed in Ghana with the increase of high rising building in most prime areas of the city and other parts of the country to serve as working spaces.
Coworking spaces make it ridiculously easy for entrepreneurs today to find an office space.
Entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to reduce the cost of renting an office space. Coworking spaces become the best choice for such entrepreneurs.
These facilities provide more than just a meeting room and working space for individuals and teams, they also make available reliable internet, desk, restaurant, networking space, business address, security and business support services.
Anyway, here are some coworking spaces in Ghana that have hosted some of the successful startups in this country.

ImpactHub Accra


Kumasi Hive

Mobile Web Ghana

Goba Hub







CitySpace Ghana

KK Hub

Empower Office Suites

Ho Node in Ho

Grass Root Hub (Formerly Phinklife) in Kenyasi

Tent Markers in Accra

Hopin in Tamale

eqwip hub in Accra

Africa Entrepreneurs hub in Accra

innohub (more of an accelerator) in Accra

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