The process is not complicated at all:

  1. Via a web browser, get yourself signed into Netflix.
  2. Head to “Manage Profiles.”
  3. Choose the profile you wish to update.
  4. Untick “Autoplay previews while browsing on all devices.”

According to Techlector, Netflix has said there might be a delay before the setting is effective. To fasten the process, you can simply switch to a different profile, then back, which will reload your profile with the updated setting. This could also be done for auto-playing the next episode of a show you are watching on the streaming service.

disable autoplay previews Neflix
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Choose the profile you wish to update from “Manage Profiles,” and untick the “Autoplay next episode in a series on all devices.” box. Once more, there could be a delay, so the switching profiles trick can be used to quicken the process.
Once it is disabled, you no longer have to worry about a video playing and distracting you while you surf through TV shows and movies on Netflix.
You are done.
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