3 Emerging digital trends that would revolutionize customer service

3 Emerging digital trends that would revolutionize customer service

For decades, businesses have been doing much to revolutionize customer service, especially in an attempt to outdo the competition — so as to poach clients over to their side.
One thing we all knew — coming into the new decade — was that a lot of tasks were going to be automated. And despite the hue and cry about job losses to machines, some considered that to be positive.
While the need remains to get clients to cross carpets, it is more about efficiency and quickly getting the job done. Brands are increasingly investing in chatbots to handle aspects of their customer service in order to make them effortless. That is not the only change we should expect to see more of in this new decade. This article would highlight some key technological advancements that are going to revolutionize customer service beyond 2020.

Trends that would revolutionize customer service

Voice assistants

The last couple of years of the last decade witnessed significant improvement in voice recognition technology — helping make voice assistants a reality in the present. With the rapid rise of the smart home, voice assistants from Amazon (Alexa), Apple (Siri), and Google’s Assistant have made sure we’ve become comfortable with issuing voice commands and getting things done.

3 Emerging digital trends that would revolutionize customer service
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With Amazon Connect already being able to integrate with call centre apps, we should see lots of companies being able to delegate their many call requests to bots — something that would otherwise have to be handled by humans. The integrations can be employed to track customer interactions such as average wait times, abandoned calls, as well as the call duration.
Over time, it should be common place to interact with a company using messaging channels. Already, companies such as MTN and Korba respond to clients via custom built messaging. The next step would be for users to be able to issue voice commands to get the answers they need regarding a product or service.


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Machine learning

Machine learning techniques have come very far. From being expensive and difficult to implement, to now now being much cheaper and faster to run — due to the big advancements that have been made in software and hardware; in recent times.
With the availability of almost everything needed to implement machine learning on the cloud and open source platforms, machine learning that learns from your data (big data, sort of) is much easier to carry out. Beyond the year 2020, having natural, intelligent conversations and interactions with humans would be a quality for modern bots.

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An inter-connected world

The technological advancements we are witnessing are testament to the fact that this is an era of a digital transformation; one in which the world is a lot more connected than it ever was. What this means for brands is a lot more engagement would be driven between brands and consumers.
The brands that would lead in this era are the ones that take the initiative to lead in this regard. As brand consumers experience better, their expectations for much improved interactions would soar. The businesses that do not catch on to this change in the norm would lose their customers to the more digitally receptive and savvy competition.
These changes that would revolutionize customer service are not necessarily something the masses may want to adopt immediately. Here in Ghana, and Africa at large, the average tech user is not necessarily one who spends time researching into emerging technologies and digital trends. This is why the brands that would spend time to educate their customers regarding the benefits to be derived from automating services would in the end become the industry leaders in the eyes of the increasing generation of tech savvier consumers of today.



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