As digitization is becoming more advanced, companies need to have a robust digital analytics strategy to drive business growth. The digital strategies need to be complete with actionable outcomes and insights to optimize your business on all fronts. Digital analytics can enable you to track the efficiency of marketing techniques, collect relevant data, attract and retain customers, and boost the overall value by continually improving service standards.
Business growth is all about understanding the target market and customer, your business strengths, and your competition. Digital analytics helps to gather actionable insights and quantify the ROI from marketing channels to optimize the marketing funnel. It consists of critical metrics and tools that allow you to assess your progress.
Digital Analytics encompasses collecting, measuring, and analysing digital data to help you track your content performance, gain audience insights, and devise tactics to enhance the content quality for better receptivity.
However, because of the availability of an overwhelming amount of data across the business channels, companies find it intimidating to optimize it using the best quantitative and qualitative tools and strategies. Digital Analytics Consulting Services provides support to companies to optimize the data-sourcing technique based on the market, user activity, content performance, and other variables.
With this, it becomes easier for companies to develop a proactive marketing strategy to maximize business sales across all touchpoints. In addition, consulting companies help enterprises to leverage the inherent power of data to make better marketing decisions. Here are some of the essential services a Digital Analytics Consulting Firm will provide to your business.

Select The Right Tools

Intelligent tools drive the Digital Analytics process. Hence, choosing the right set of tools for carrying out the operations is essential. There are thousands of tools to choose from for data discovery, sourcing, acquisition, visualization, and analysis.
A Digital Analytics Consulting Firm will enable you to select the best set of tools to perform the critical business operations that will support both your existing and future analytics requirements. Some of the common factors they consider are tools pricing policy, user interface and visualization, integration, mobility, and scalability to determine the relevancy of the tool in your business.

Identify The Right KPIs

Digital Analytics Consulting Agency defines a set of key performance indicators or KPIs to measure and track your marketing campaign’s performance. They work closely with your business to identify the metrics which align with the goals of your organization.
Analytics can significantly improve your marketing strategy, but the availability of statistics can deter you from your goal. Identifying the right digital marketing KPIs to tracking site activity, sales, revenue, customer engagement, and brand reputation will enable your campaign to deliver the desired results. Some of the common KPIs are

For site activity:

  • Number of unique visitors
  • Number of returning visitors
  • Time spent on your website
  • Navigation path
  • Bounce/exit rate
  • Lead generation rate

For sales and revenue:

  • Revenue per customer
  • Total revenue
  • Total sales
  • Conversion/response rate
  • Revenue per channel

For profitability:

  • Cost per lead
  • Profit per customer
  • Net income
  • Return on investment

For customer engagement:

  • Customer lifetime value
  • Retention rate
  • Number of likes and shares
  • Social media followers
  • Social Engagement

For brand reputation:

Brand awareness

  • Market share
  • Search engine rankings
  • Positive/negative comments
  • Media mentions


Testing is an integral part of digital analytics strategy. It enables you to assess the integrity of data preparation, model production and helps to identify the inherent biases. A Digital Analytics Consulting Services will provide you adequate support to perform A/B testing to compare two versions of a web page, email, or other marketing asset and measure the performance difference to define how each variation performs.
Multivariate testing helps to evaluate different visual elements on a web page. Conversion Rate Optimization helps optimize your site or landing page to create an engaging experience for your visitors. Mobile App optimization helps to improve the visibility of a mobile app, optimize user interface, and increase engagement. Digital Analytics Consulting Company provides the proper testing support to test the feasibility of an online marketing strategy.

Analytics And Reporting

Besides data analysis, reporting helps to help to extract relevant insights in an effective manner. Digital Analytics Consulting Company provides support for report automation, analysis, and documentation. It helps to organize data into informational summaries and monitor business growth across different channels. In addition, they can provide you with analytics and reporting dashboards to access the reports on time quickly.

Efficiency And Cost-effectiveness

For business longevity, it needs to save money and resources for optimal use. Digital Analytics Consulting Firm enables businesses to cut down operational costs using the right tools, strategies, and best practices for lead generation, sales and marketing, customer engagements and satisfaction, and more. In addition, they help companies to understand the market and run a successful data-driven business.

To Conclude:

These are some of the essential functions that a Digital Analytics Consulting Company help businesses to fulfil. They enable you to use data collection, analytics, and reporting tools to perform digital analytics operations optimally. In addition, Digital Analytics consultants help you define your reporting requirements, design tracking strategies and provide analysis so that you can drive revenue and growth into your business.
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