Dext Technology supply Science Sets to UK schools

Dext Technology Limited, a science and tech-oriented startup in Kumasi has joined hands with the Royal Academy of Engineering (UK) to supply its Science Sets to schools in the UK. The startup gave the Science Sets and other resources to about 500 schools.

These items were given to help build students’ creative capacity and introduce problem-solving as well as innovation. They will also be used to teach students about smart homes, vertical farming, electronics, and green energy.

This project by the Royal Academy of Engineering and Dext Technology was supported by the Shell Centenary Scholarship Fund and Global Challenges Research Fund. They are donating science resources to 500 schools in the United Kingdom with the goal of showing teachers what resources are available that can inspire young students to take on engineering and create solutions for the world’s problems.

Dext Technology via its press announced that “After a series of discussions and assessment of what Dext Technology had to offer, we were contracted to supply our international award-winning science sets along with extra resources that can be used to teach fundamental 21st-century skills in 500 schools across the UK.

The statement continued that, “As part of the collaboration we were tasked to design activities and lessons that will enable the effective use of these resources.”

The Science Set from Dext Technology provides a cost-effective way to introduce students to innovation, problem-solving and technology. This, thus, gives the students a least intimidating way to embrace the science and technology fields.

Dext Technology science set

Also adding to that, Dext Technology uses a very dexterous design process enabled by 3D printing and laser cutting. This makes it easy to quickly prototype and redesign material to make them cost-effective and easy to use.

The supply Dext Technology is making is part of a project by the Royal Academy of Engineering of the UK. The project is giving out the Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation Resource Box to 500 schools in the country.

The Resource Box has tools that help teachers introduce students to important concepts that are significant to our era now. In the box are two Dext Science Sets, parts for building a robot car, motors, and solar panels. Others things included in the resource box are parts to build a manual, super-capacitor, and electric water pump. There are other electronic components in the box as well.

The resource box can also be used to perform activities in wind power generation, lessons on the environment, plastics and vertical farming. At the moment there will be one of these resource packs in all 500 schools with plans to increase the number as teachers and students discover its benefits. It is a desire to get this kind of kits to schools in Africa and all across the world.

Dext Technology

Dext Technology is a Ghanaian start-up based in Kumasi in the Ashanti region. It develops tools for the effective teaching and learning of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The startup’s vision is to bring students an education that leans more on problem-solving, innovation and creativity.

Their focus over the past few years has been developing and promoting their science set. The Science Set is a practical science laboratory that is small enough to fit on the desk of students and affordable enough for every student to have one.

It helps students embrace the science and technology fields in a friendly way. The science set was awarded the most innovative education solution on the continent by the African Union in 2018.


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