Like most industries, the gambling sector is intimately linked to the development of technology. In fact, it will be hard to find an industry that will not take advantage of the latest leaps forward as technology has become so ingrained into modern society. It allowed for the creation of online gambling, which has taken the industry to the next level in terms of audience and profits. Several technological advancements have greatly boosted the gambling industry and it relies on it heavily, given the increased reliance on online platforms in recent years. But what is the extent to which developing technology has advanced gambling?

How the industry has been most affected is from the advent of online gambling. Before technology allowed the internet to be created, gamblers only option to play was to either go to a casino to participate in those traditional games we have come to love or take a trip down to the bookies to place bets. While this was a perfectly fine format and many still prefer this way of gambling today, it simply pales in comparison when online gambling is considered. For many, this changed the way they gamble forever as they could now do all their regular activities from home, cutting out on travel times and expenses. This was especially useful during the pandemic when many brick-and-mortar shops closed. Online casinos were open though with many still available today, proving the value that the platform has generated.

Take any person from the modern world and check their pockets. Chances are they will have a phone on them. As aforementioned, we are incredibly reliant on technology and the same is true for mobile phones. This has given virtually every industry a chance to increase their reach and add convivence to their customers. The gambling industry boasts a range of mobile apps that can be accessed from the pocket, which has no doubt been a primary reason as to why the industry has soared. This kind of growth would not have been possible in the early 2000s, where the technology for the modern smartphone did not exist.

One exciting new technology that is making its way into many casinos is virtual reality. This topic is commonly spoken with video games in mind, but the truth is that the technology has many applications across several industries. The gambling industry has taken this technology and adapted it so that players can have virtual playing experiences. This takes the convenience of playing from home and adds to it the experience of going to an actual casino and being stunned by flashing machines and high-roller confidence. In essence, the technology combines the best of both worlds but might not appeal to those who prefer a traditional experience or those who are cautious of the future-like technology that is being used.

The global gambling market is expected to reach $674.7 billion by 2025, which is a clear indicator of how popular the industry is. The development of new technology is sure to push this figure even further as more innovation and convenience will be offered to the public.

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