Telecom giant in Ghana, MTN Ghana, has opened up its proprietary Mobile Money API to the general public. This means developers, programmers and any interested third parties in Ghana can now have easy access to the MTN Mobile Money framework.

The API is used by app makers, especially the transaction apps that need access to subscribers Mobile Money accounts.

The sister company of MTN Ghana operating out in Uganda, MTN Uganda, has already made its Mobile Money framework publicly available. In Uganda, developers and programmers have free access to the company’s proprietary software platform. Thus, MTN Ghana is just following suit.

Now that the mobile money API is publicly available, developers and programmers can sign up and use it to develop the various mobile money-included financial solutions and products.

MTN Mobile Money API

MTN Mobile Money API

Currently, the Mobile Money API is used for a couple of tasks, which are all financial transactions. The API can be used by developers for the following uses:

Collection of Payment

With Collection of Payments or simply Collections, the users of the Mobile Money API-backed apps can receive payments for goods and services by just using the MTN Mobile Money service. The buyer (or sender) can just initiative the payment process from the USSD version, from a third party app or even from a web interface. The buyer or customer is then sent a debit request for them to approve before the transaction goes through.


The disbursements function of the mobile money platform enables users to transfer funds in bulk to different recipients at the same time with just a single click. A vivid example is how betting companies pay out bet winners.

Collection Widget

The Collection Widget is simply the feature that allows developers to integrate a checkout option with Mobile Money for customers to pay for goods and/or services with Mobile Money. This is usually done on websites. Sometimes, QR code technology is employed alongside.


The MTN Mobile Money framework also allows people to make financial transactions from outside of their original countries right from or into their accounts. Unlike some other transactions, mobile money transactions happen in real-time.

So now anybody who wishes to utilise the MTN Mobile Money API can hop on to the company’s site and sign up.

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